Network switch-full duplex

The switch's full-duplex means that the switch can receive data while sending data, and the two are synchronized. This is like we usually make a phone call, and we can hear the other party's voice while talking. All current switches support full duplex. The advantage of full-duplex is that the delay is small and the speed is fast.

When it comes to full-duplex, it is necessary to mention another concept that closely corresponds to it, that is, "half-duplex". The so-called half-duplex refers to that only one action occurs within a period of time. To give a simple example, a narrow day Only one car can pass through the road at the same time. When there are two cars facing each other, in this case, only one car will pass first, and the other car will be opened after the first one. This example illustrates the image half The principle of duplex. Early intercoms, early hubs and other devices were all half-duplex products. With the continuous progress of technology, the semi-double union gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

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