N35 Car Sensor Permanent Neodymium Magnet

Model NO.: N35
Magnetism Dircetion: Thickness
Trademark: hzdunben
Transport Package: Standard Export Package with 32X24X26cm
Specification: D10X2MM
Origin: Hangzhou
HS Code: 85051190
1.Neodymium NdFeB Magnet                                  
    Neodymium magnets are a member of the Rare Earth magnet family and are the most powerful permanent magnets in the world. They are also referred to as NdFeB magnets, or NIB, because they are composed mainly of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B). They are a relatively new invention and have only recently become affordable for everyday use.                           

2. Neodymium NdFeB Magnet produce process
Raw Material Melting Milling Aligning
Pressing Sintering Inspecting Machining
Surface coating inspecting Magnetizing Package

3. Neodymium NdFeB Magnet features


Sintered Rare Earth Permanent Cylinder China Ndfeb Magnet Manufacturer





Max. Operating Temperature

80°C  (176°F)
33M- 48M

100°C (212°F)

120°C  (248°F)

150°C  (302°F)

180°C (356°F)

200°C (392°F)

220°C (428°F)

Magnet Shape

Disc, Cylinder, Block, Ring, Countersunk, Segment, Trapezoid, Irregular shapes and more. Customized shape
are available.

Magnet Coating

Ni-Cu-Ni, Nickel, Zn, Gold, Silver, Copper, Epoxy, Chemical, PTFE, Parylene, Everlube, Passivation and more.

4. Directions of Magnetization
A. Thickness Magnetized
B. Axially Magnetized
C. Diametrally Magnetized
D. Multi-poles magnetized
E. Radial Magnetized
F. Customzied specific requirements magnetized

5.Advantages of Neodymium NdFeB Magnet:
NdFeB Magnet has the high remanence, high energy product and high performance and cost ratio.
NdFeB Magnet has the potential to have high coercivity.
NdFeB Magnet also has a high saturation magnetization and typically 1.3 teslas.

6.Application of Neodymium NdFeB Magnet
motors, electronics, engineering, equipment, medical equipment, household appliances

7. Package of Neodymium NdFeB magnet
a. Carton size is: 33X23X26CM
b. Gross Weight of each carton is about 13KG

8.Delivery time of Neodymium NdFeB Magnet
a:5-7 days for sample
b:15-20days for large quanity
9.Our contact information
Att: Sally
Phone: 0086-0571-15868413907