Multistage centrifugal pump parts how to clean

Multi-stage centrifugal pump parts cleaning, plating and bonding parts of the highest cleaning requirements, cleaning quality is not high, often causing coating or bonding failure reasons, and parts assembly cleaning quality, the service life of the machine is very Big. Due to serious cleaning failed, in a significant friction pairs infiltration of a large number of abrasive or because of dirt blocking the lubricating oil road leading to mechanical wear and tear of the early damage in some of the less formal repair work has occurred, we must pay attention to . Here are a few simple methods of multi-stage centrifugal pump cleaning and precautions: 1) scrape off the inner and outer surface of the impeller and seal rings and bearings and other places of accumulation of scale and rust and other objects, and then water or compressed air cleaning, blowing . 2) Clean grease and rust accumulated on the joint surfaces of the pump housing. 3) Wash water seal tube and check whether the tube is smooth. 4) Wash bearings and bearings to remove grease, and then wash the oil ring and the oil surface meter. Ball bearing application of gasoline cleaning. 5) Parts and components that are not temporarily assembled should be oil-protected after cleaning.

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Our popular mosaic tile are high-quality products. Different mosaic tile have different unique patterns and colors. They are environmental protective and have very low water absorption.

Cracked Tile, is one kind of Classic Mosaic Type, price is very reasonable. Color, material or even size can be customization. 

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Characteristic of our mosaic tile:

1) Suitable for inside and outside walls and similar applications.

2) Can be applied as complete sheets or in small sections to decorative borders or trims with other tiled surfaces.

3) Resistant to fading, staining and discoloration, easy to clean and install.

4) Acid-resistant and Alkali-resistant, high and low temperature resistance.

5) Waterproof and durable. 

6) No radiation, eco-friendly.

7) Available in different size, color and design.

Our mosaic tile is suitable for various construction and high-end decoration. It is widely used in these areas.

Home/Villa    : Sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, TV background wall;

Entertainment: Senior Club, Pub, KTV, cafe, swimming pool, hotel;

Public Place  : Shopping Center, Stores, station, etc.

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Guanyu Ceramics, specializing in making mosaics, polished tiles, rustic tiles and glazed internal wall tiles, makes our brand "Guanyu Ceramics" popular around the world and established worldwide distribution Channels in many countries and areas under the support of many clients.

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  We got ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, GB/T28001-2001 certificate, compulsory 3C certificate and strictly carries out their standard systems. And our inspection deptment supervise all the goods and it makes the goods are what your expected.

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   Over 10 years of exporting experience on tiles guarantee that all the steps of exporting can goes smoothly and it saves your time and money of getting goods.

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  If your requirement go beyond our tiles, please contact us with your tiles designs. We are always happy to discuss your needs.

Pure White Cracked Glass Mixed Stone Mosaic

Color Mixed Cracked Crystal Glass Mosaic

Size Mixed Cracked Crystal Mosaic Tile

Fashion Black Cracked Crystal Glass Mosaic

Arch Shaped Cracked Mosaic,Glass Mix Stone Mosaic,Decorate Glass Mosaic Tile

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