Mechatronic system

Mechanical body

The mechanical body consists of a frame, mechanical connection, mechanical transmission, etc. It is the basis of mechatronics, plays the role of supporting other functional units in the system, transmitting motion and power. Compared with pure mechanical products, the technical performance of the mechatronic system is improved and the function is enhanced. This requires the mechanical body to be compatible with mechanical structure, material, processing technology and geometric size. Versatile, reliable and energy efficient, small, lightweight and beautiful.

2. Detection sensing part

The detecting and sensing part comprises various sensors and signal detecting circuits thereof, and the function thereof is to detect changes of parameters related to the environment and the external environment during the working process of the mechatronic system, and transmit the information to the electronic control unit, and the electronic control unit according to the detected The information gives the corresponding control to the actuator.

3. Electronic control unit

The electronic control unit, also known as the rhythm, issues corresponding commands to control the entire system to be carried out purposefully.

4. Actuator

The function of the actuator is to drive the movement of the mechanical components in accordance with the instructions of the electronic control unit. Actuators are moving parts and are usually powered by electric drive, pneumatic drive and hydraulic drive.

5. Power source

The power source is the energy supply part of the mechatronics product. Its function is to provide energy and power to the mechanical system to make the system operate normally according to the system control requirements. The way to provide energy includes electrical energy, gas energy and hydraulic energy, mainly based on electrical energy.

Ferroalloys, generalized ferroalloys, are products that are added to molten iron as a deoxidizer, elemental additive, etc. in steelmaking to provide a characteristic or meet certain requirements. An intermediate alloy of iron and one or more elements, mainly used in steel smelting. In the steel industry, all intermediate alloys for steel making, whether iron or not (such as silicon calcium alloy), are generally referred to as "iron alloys". It is customary to include certain pure metal additives and oxide additives.

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