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The lathe refers to a machine tool that rotates the workpiece as the main motion and the turning tool moves into the rotary surface of the feed motion. It can be used to machine a variety of rotary forming surfaces, such as: inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, internal and external threads and end faces, grooves, knurling and so on. It is the most widely used metal cutting machine in the world, with the longest production history and the most variety of machine tools.

There are many types of lathes. According to their application, the structure can be divided into: instrument lathe, horizontal lathe, single-axis automatic lathe, multi-axis automatic and semi-automatic lathe, turret lathe, vertical lathe, multi-tool semi-automatic lathe, special lathe Wait. Ordinary machine tools are the most common machine tools used to turn workpieces. Turning is the process of cutting metal from a workpiece. While the workpiece is rotating, the tool cuts into the workpiece or turns along the workpiece.

A boring is a method of expanding or further machining a hole that has been drilled or cast on a metal workpiece. The boring on the lathe is done by rotating the single-edged tool on one side and facing the workpiece.

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