Main points of wheat fertilizer technology

1, nitrogen supplementation

The performance of nitrogen deficiency in wheat: the plant is short and thin, the growth is slow, the leaves are narrow, and the leaves are light green. In severe cases, the leaves turn yellow from the base, the tip is dry and dead, more than no tiller, the number of secondary roots is small, and the stem is weak.

Correction technology: nitrogen deficiency in seedling stage, urea can be applied; nitrogen deficiency in the regreening period, 5 kg of urea can be applied per acre, and 10 to 15 kg can be applied after jointing.

2, phosphorus

Phosphorus deficiency: The growth of wheat seedlings is slow, the leaves are dark green, dull, the new leaves are blue-green, the leaves are purple, the stems are weak, the tillers are less, the roots are poorly developed, and the time for heading is delayed. Such wheat emptying rate increases and the thousand-grain weight decreases.

Correction technology: Phosphorus deficiency at seedling stage, 35~40 kg of superphosphate can be applied per acre; phosphorus deficiency in the middle and late stages, 1.5~2 kg of calcium phosphate per acre in the early stage of booting and flowering, or potassium dihydrogen phosphate 200 per mu ~250g spray on 50kg of water. The method of application is 7 to 10 days at a time, and even 2 to 3 times.

3, potassium supplementation

Potassium deficiency performance: The tip and leaf margin of the old leaves of the lower part of the wheat seedlings turn yellow first, then gradually turn brown, and the leaf margins are still green, which looks like a fire. When the soil is severe, the whole leaves are dry and the stems are small and weak, and easy to fall.

Correction technology: Apply 10 kg of potassium chloride or 50 kg of plant ash per mu in the seedling stage. It can also spray 50 kg of 0.2%~0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution in the middle and late stages of wheat growth. The interval between each application is 7~10 days, even spray 2~3 times.

4, zinc supplementation

Deficiency of zinc: The leaves of wheat seedlings are chlorotic, the leaves are white, the plants are short in the middle and late stages, the leaves are small and brittle, the roots are blackened, the empty grains are more, and the thousand grains are low.

Correction technology: 150-200 g of zinc sulfate is applied to the 50 kg leaf surface of the seedlings at the seedling stage and jointing stage.

Author: Shanghai Nanhui District, farming technology promotion center
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