Mahogany furniture finishing process: raw lacquer and cutting process

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Speaking of the finishing process of mahogany furniture, people naturally think of Chinese lacquer (also known as "National Paint"). As a special product of our country, raw lacquer is known as the "king of paint" in the world. Our ancestors have accumulated rich experience in cultivation, harvesting and using raw lacquer.

According to the written records, China has developed the technique of planting lacquer trees and using paint in the pre-Qin period. In the "Hurricane of the Book of Songs" contains: "The prescription of the square, made in the Chu Palace, the shackles of the shackles, made in the Chu room, the tree of the scorpion, chestnut, paulownia, scorpion, lacquer." It can be seen that in the pre-Qin period, the lacquer tree was already a common cultivated economic tree species in China. In terms of use, from the discovered antiquities, we have also seen many examples of the early use of raw lacquer by the ancestors, such as the painted wooden bowls excavated 7,000 years ago in Hemudu Village, Yuyao, Zhejiang, etc. .

Chinese lacquer and cutting process

In China, mahogany furniture is a high-grade, valuable wooden furniture, which is both a daily necessities and a traditional cultural feature. It has higher requirements for coatings than general wooden furniture, and the finishing process is also more complicated. It usually uses the traditional enamel paint process (commonly known as "raw lacquer process") to treat the furniture surface. The mechanism of coating lacquer film formation is the effective composition of lacquer juice (including lacquer phenol, water, organic matter and laccase). The lacquer phenol is naturally dried into a paint film under the catalysis of laccase (environmental conditions: temperature about 25 ° C; relative The humidity is about 80%).

What is lacquer?

Raw lacquer is the most traditional natural lacquer in China, the main ingredient is lacquer. The paint is applied to the surface of the object and can be dried in the air to form a hard coat of primary color, which is tough and durable, and resistant to many chemicals. Raw lacquers are used in a wide range of applications, such as lacquer, wide lacquer and various lacquers. The use of raw lacquer in the craft has begun in the millennium, and it is still popular today. Because the raw paint wax is tough and shiny, it has unique durability, wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance and superior electrical insulation. Chinese lacquer plays an important role in modern mahogany craft furniture. Make mahogany craft furniture even more icing on the cake.

Raw lacquer craft of mahogany furniture

Raw lacquer: Natural lacquer is also known as lacquer, lacquer, lacquer, lacquer, etc. This is a high-quality natural coating from the virgin forest and natural lacquer tree family. It is a natural lacquer liquid that is manually cut from the lacquer tree. It has anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof insulation, high temperature resistance and soil resistance. To date, no synthetic coating has surpassed it in terms of its main properties such as hardness and durability. Natural lacquer also has the world-famous reputation of "king of paint". Ordinary raw lacquer can be used as a qualified paint after filtration, drying, drying, baking and baking.

The color of this paint is more natural, thicker and more durable than the chemical paints used today.

Characteristics of lacquered mahogany furniture

1. The wood grain is refreshing, smooth and smooth, the color is clear and bright, the fullness is good, and the hand feels comfortable and supple.

2, raw lacquer is a pure natural paint liquid, after drying into a film, zero pollution, no toxicity, no radiation, is the best product for the pursuit of nature and environmental protection.

3, with anti-corrosion, acid and alkali, moisture-proof insulation, oxidation resistance, friction, high temperature resistance and other functions

4, the more brightly used during use, the light can be distinguished, bright and elegant.

The lacquer was originally an excellent craft of mahogany furniture. How can it be used as a fake by many unscrupulous merchants? The old mahogany net reminds consumers that buying lacquered mahogany furniture must be cautious, it is best to choose white furniture, and then choose Wax or lacquered.  

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