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Probably from the end of the last century, it is almost necessary to sell a house with a model house, because ordinary buyers are somewhat difficult to see the floor plan, only to see a model room, in order to allow buyers to have a more direct perception of the type of house, so from a In a sense, the model house is an image ambassador for a residential project and is a model of a real estate house. The difference is that models show fashion shows, while model houses show the beauty of space.

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Board room, you will find a kind of "presidential" hospitality and "newly-married" feeling: the security waiting, prostitutes lead the way, foot red carpet, listening to light music, endless colorful, inexhaustible luxurious.

As more and more thoughts are being spent on the design and decoration of the model houses by the developers, some of them are selling ordinary houses of 30,000 to one square meter, a house of more than 100 square meters, and commercial development. Million to decorate, not inferior to high-end apartment per square meter million, or even more expensive than the house, this model room is obviously overplayed. Moreover, the more beautiful model homes show the advantages of homes while also concealing some existing defects. Some real estate experts remind consumers that when purchasing a home, they should pay more attention to model homes and learn to see the “doorway” from fancy renovations.

Some model houses are built before the construction of the property has not yet been built, the developer chooses a beautiful detached house from a beautiful environment; the other is to do a model house in the actual building that has been capped or will be capped. Regardless of the model, developers will design and decorate it carefully so that the model houses can be as short as possible. The author reminds that there will be a more or less gap between the general model room and real room.

When looking at the model house, the model house is always decorated with many lights. Often there is an aisle, and more than 10 spotlights will be arranged on the roof, which will make people feel a moment as soon as they enter the door. These lights are not only for decoration, but also have the effect of expanding space. However, the actual situation is that this kind of home decoration is not only expensive, but also has a high cost in the later period, and it is easy for buyers to neglect the lighting of the rooms themselves. You can let the salesperson close all the lights and realize whether the natural light in each part of the room is adequate; ask which equipments should be available when the house is handed over, which are the later designs of the developer, and which are included in the house price; you or It is best to find a ruler to measure whether the area of ​​the model house and the sale house is the same. In short, the model room is just a "three-dimensional map," and buyers should not be easily confused by their beauty.

Then there is the indoor pipeline. There is no pipeline in the general model room. For the sake of improving the fitting effect of the developer, the model house will not be provided with pipeline lines such as water, gas, and heating, which will make the room in the model room look very bright.

Another is the placement of furniture. In general, the furniture placed in the model room should be smaller than the normal family. Moreover, the necessary cabinets for the average family, many developers do not try to be in the model room, more emphasis on the color of the furniture itself. Harmony and fashionable styles to enhance the overall effect of the interior. In this case, the model house will appear larger and more beautiful than the same size house.

All these things, we need to keep our eyes open when we look at the model house and carefully drop into the beautiful "trap."

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