LED display helps the information age

In today's information age, everyone is surrounded by all kinds of information from all over the world, and the sensitivity and attention to information has gradually weakened. Just as the traditional media made a breakthrough in this information age, LED displays came into being. With the application of new technologies, new demands are constantly changing, and new forms of outdoor advertising are constantly emerging to create an era of outdoor LED display media.
Outdoor LED display media complements various other media forms, blending time and space, and stereoscopic communication, thus bringing the greatest media time and space integration value to advertisers. Combining modern high-tech, it has a series of advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, bright colors, dynamic picture and text display, and wide visual range. LED screen advertising screen area is large, visual effects are shocking, can fully attract the attention of the audience, is a new combination of media and high technology.
The LED display also has the characteristics of high effective arrival rate. For example, the LED screens in the core area of ​​the Times Square in New York and the Plaza de España in the United States have not only the function of advertising and marketing, but also the symbol of the status of a world-famous big company. A dominant company can broadcast ads here.

In China, the reform and opening up has experienced the process of transferring the largest rural population to the town in the history of the world economy for 30 years, thus forming the fastest urbanization process in the world. The sustained development of China's economy, the rapid development of urbanization and the construction of modern cities, as well as the increase in urban population and consumption power, have laid a social and economic foundation for the development prospects of outdoor LED display media.

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