Lai Bo vacuum unit customization and maintenance

Vacuum system construction elements:

1. Vacuum degree:

The vacuum system should allow the degree of vacuum required by the process to be reached in the pumped vessel and have a high ultimate vacuum. For this reason, the vacuum system should have good sealing performance, with less deflation source, less deflation and leakage, and the pumping speed of the vacuum pump should be sufficient to maintain the vacuum required in the working chamber. In the vacuum equipment, the working vacuum level will directly affect the vacuum process material, and it closely depends on the vacuum system, vacuum pump selection and pumping system design. Air requirements.

2. Pumping rate:

The vacuum system should ensure that the required pumping speed in the pumped container can maintain the required vacuum, depending on the volume of the pumped container and the air leakage, air release, and the conduction capability of the vacuum components. Therefore, the appropriate catheters, valves, and connection methods must be selected. In vacuum systems, the conductance of conduits, gates, baffles, etc. is limited, and their presence always reduces the effective pumping speed of the pump. It is generally expected that the effective pumping speed of the pump can reach 20-60% so as to ensure that the pump can reach the sown vacuum level in a short time.

3. Withdraw media:

The vacuum system has no corrosive gas, no gas, no dust, and no particles in the extracted objects. The installation of system components should be reasonable, the pumping time is short, the productivity is high, and there is a good economic benefit. Several kinds of pumping system schemes are adopted under different conditions. Improve production efficiency, but also can reasonably meet the needs of customers.

Vacuum suction station vacuum suction cups need to pay attention to maintenance functions:

1. A water level monitor is installed to effectively control the moisture in the water and gas separation tank.

2. Control device, vacuum pump motor current alarm, vacuum pressure control.

3. The front end of the inlet of the vacuum pump is equipped with a stainless steel filter, which can filter impurities in the cutting process.

4. The system vacuum pump is set to use a preparation, the vacuum pump can be switched freely.

5. The vacuum system is equipped with a gas tank and a vacuum pressure sensor. When the vacuum tank pressure reaches the required pressure, the vacuum pump stops operating. When the vacuum tank pressure is lower than the required pressure, the vacuum pump starts automatically.

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