Jinan Kaisi rope displacement sensor KS50-2 meters

The working principle of the Kaisi series drawstring displacement sensor is to make the price reasonable. If necessary, please call us! Wang Yanyan 1866-370-9680.

First, the product works:

The working principle of the Kaisi series drawstring displacement sensor is to convert the mechanical displacement into a quantifiable, linear proportional electrical signal. When the measured object is displaced, the sensor cable connected thereto is pulled, and the rope drives the sensor transmission mechanism to rotate synchronously with the rotation angle sensor; when the displacement moves in the reverse direction, the automatic rotation device inside the sensor automatically retracts the rope and extends in the rope The tension is kept even and smooth during the receiving process; the cable displacement sensor outputs an electrical signal proportional to the amount of rope movement.

Second, product classification:

The pull line displacement sensor is divided into two output types: a digital output type displacement sensor and an analog output type displacement sensor.

â–  Digital output type can choose incremental rotary encoder and absolute encoder. The output signal is square wave ABZ signal or Gray code signal, and the stroke can be up to 60 meters.

â–  Analog output type can choose precision potentiometer, Hall encoder, absolute encoder, output signal can be 4-20ma, 0-5V, 0-10V, SSI serial and resistance signal.

This series of sensors is mainly used for various stroke measurement control, cost-effective, Kaisi brand drawstring displacement sensor can completely replace the grating ruler and electronic ruler to achieve low-cost high-precision measurement.

Third, product features:
â–  Compact structure and small size â–  High test accuracy
â–  Multiple output signal specifications are available â–  Long mechanical life â–  Low dynamic noise and high smoothness â–  Hard aluminum alloy casing â–  Easy to install

Fourth, Kaisi rope displacement sensor technical parameters

KS50 technical parameters:

1, output form: digital output, analog output

2, measuring stroke: 0-2000mm

3, wire rope: 0.7mm high flexible imported plastic coated steel wire rope

4, the output signal: (NPN, PNP), push-pull (F), 0-5KΩ, 0-10 KΩ, long-line drive (L), 4-20mA, 0-5V; 0-10V;

5, linear accuracy: 0.05% FS

6, resolution (mm): 0.052, 0.00314, etc.

7, working voltage: 5V 5-24V 10-30V (built-in),

8, weight: 480g

9, working temperature: -45 ° C ~ +125 ° C

10, life: > 5 million times; > 10 million times

11, shell material: imported aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment, wear-resistant anti-corrosion erosion

12. Protection level: IP54 (standard); IP65

V. Kaisi product advantages:

â–  The rope displacement sensor has a precise independent automatic cable arranging mechanism, which makes the tension rope automatically and evenly lined, ensuring the linear displacement sensor has high independent linear precision and long sensor life.
â– The drawstring displacement sensor is well-made and the materials are exquisite: the sensor shell is made of imported hard aluminum alloy and anodized, hard and wear-resistant, beautiful and elegant; it can resist pressure and earthquake, adapt to harsh environment such as high temperature and high pressure;

â–  The screws used for fixing are made of high-hardness alloy steel, which makes the sensor more solid and reliable. The sensor cable connector is made of high-grade waterproof aviation joints;

â–  The stretched rope adopts the surface-applied original imported steel cable, which has anti-corrosion, high strength and no expansion and contraction, further improving the sensor test accuracy and making the sensor last longer;

â– The winding spring mechanism is made of imported stainless steel "target=_blank> stainless steel material, which is corrosion resistant and stable;

â–  The sensor is suitable for various environments and has received wide attention due to its small size, excellent performance under harsh conditions, accuracy and flexibility.

Kaisi pull line displacement sensor has a large selection space, the effective stroke varies from 0 to 60 meters, the output signal has pulse signal, current signal, voltage signal, resistance signal, etc. The highest protection level can reach IP67, to meet various strokes, The need for high-precision measurement in various environments, we have reason to believe that there is always a suitable one for the Kaisi line displacement sensor!

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