Jiangtung Group's patent application volume reached a new high in 2009

In 2009, Jiang Tungsten Group applied for 36 national patents, received 34 applications, 10 PCT international applications, and obtained 12 patents. The number of patent applications in the same year increased by 55% over the previous year. By the end of 2009, the Group had accumulated more than 100 patent applications, achieving the planned goal one year ahead of schedule.

The enterprises affiliated to Jiangxi Tungsten Group have intensified their technological innovation and their awareness of independent intellectual property rights has increased. Twelve enterprises have applied for national patents. Smelting and processing enterprises have protected their core competitiveness by developing new products, new processes and new technologies to form patented technologies. Mining enterprises carry out technological innovation in combination with safe production and work hard to improve intrinsic safety. Qikeng Tungsten Industry has invented patented technologies such as automatic power-off devices for underground tunnels and automatic access devices for mine vehicles, and has obtained national patent authorization.  

Oushida is second quality machine,but the quality also similar with longneng quality.only different is the Motor material. Longneng is 45# baosteel cold-rolled.Oushida is 60# cold-rolled baosteel.608 bearing use C&U.another one is scnc, another is CHL.

We have self machinery room to control the aluminium allowable error.We also removal the dust that every process machining to control no more tolerance on the spare.

There is testing room to control the quality stable.

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