Is there any skill to extend the life of a synchronous motor?

To maximize the life of a synchronous motor, we should know what fatal factors make the motor so unreliable.

1. Check whether the appearance of the synchronous motor is cracked, and whether the fastening screws and parts are complete or not.

2. Whether the synchronous motor is operating in a stable manner. Also take a look at the motor's various indicators are in line with the ability to work can withstand. For new or long-term deactivated motors, the insulation resistance between the windings and the windings should be checked before use.

3, check the synchronous motor ventilation and lubrication conditions are normal. Pull the shaft of the motor to check if the rotor can rotate freely and there is no noise when turning.

4. Check the assembly status of the synchronous motor and whether the brushing mechanism is flexible and whether the position of the brush handle is correct. Check if the synchronous motor grounding device is reliable.

There are three main operating modes of the synchronous motor, namely operation as a generator, a motor and a compensator. Running as a generator is the main mode of operation for synchronous motors. Running as a motor is another important mode of operation for synchronous motors. Synchronous motor power factor can be adjusted, in the case of not requiring speed regulation, the application of large synchronous motors can improve operating efficiency. Small synchronous motors have begun to find more applications in variable frequency speed control systems.

Synchronous motors can also be connected to the grid as a synchronous compensator. At this time, the motor does not have any mechanical load, and the desired inductive or capacitive reactive power is sent to the grid by adjusting the excitation current in the rotor so as to achieve the purpose of improving the power factor of the grid or adjusting the grid voltage.

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