Is the security door to your home safe enough?

As the year is approaching, how to prevent burglaring at home has become a hot spot for owners. A reliable security door is undoubtedly the most simple and effective anti-theft method, but the security door on the market has a wide variety of publicity, how can consumers choose a high-quality security door? Here are some suggestions for everyone to refer to.

The full name of the security door is called "anti-theft security door". It combines theft and security features. According to the "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Doors", qualified security doors can not be opened or opened with a portable electric tool such as a chisel, a screwdriver, a crowbar, etc. within 15 minutes or a 615 mm2 on the door leaf. Open, or open a 38 mm square opening in a semicircle of 150 mm square. And the lock used on the security door must be a security door lock with anti-drilling function that has passed the test of the Ministry of Public Security. The security door can be made of different materials, but only the door that meets the standard test and receives the production permit for the security product can be called the security door.

The following points should also be noted when purchasing a conventional security door:

First, the seller is required to present the “Testing Qualification Certificate” of the relevant department to check whether it meets the technical requirements of the national mandatory standard GB17565-1998.

Second, remove the cat's eye, doorbell box or lock handle to check the internal structure of the door. There should be several reinforcing bars in the door to connect the front and rear panels of the door together. It is preferable to have a material such as asbestos which has fireproof, heat preservation and sound insulation functions as a filler.

Third, check whether the lock has adopted the anti-theft special lock that has passed the inspection by the public security department, and whether there is a strengthened steel plate for protection at the lock installation.

Fourth, check the process quality of the product, whether there are welding defects, whether the cooperation between the door leaf and the door frame is dense.

Fifth, the weight of the security door is not less than 40 kg.


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