Introduction to the design and installation of aluminum-clad wood windows

The aluminum-clad wood window is a frame made of mechanically combined with the aluminum alloy profile of the heat-insulated bridge and the solid wood under the premise of retaining the characteristics and functions of the pure solid wood window. The two materials are connected by a polymer nylon piece and fully taken care of. Different properties of wood and metal shrinkage coefficients. The wood used for the two materials is made from red oak grown in the eastern United States and natural larch produced in Russia. It is strictly selected, treated with anti-corrosion, degreasing, flame retardant, etc., and uses German high-strength adhesive glue to make the strength of the wood. Corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other aspects are guaranteed, and it has the properties of heat insulation, sealing and sound insulation, and durability.

Aluminum wood window design

The aluminum-clad wood window adopts multi-channel sealing. The opening part and the window (door) frame adopt the equal-pressure chamber waterproof principle design applied to the high-grade curtain wall, which has excellent waterproof and sealing performance, and the waterproof and sealing performance is superior to the general aluminum window. High-grade plastic steel window.

Aluminum-clad wood window material

The aluminum-clad wood window glass part can be selected from hollow tempered glass, and the glass interior adopts the glass decorative strip produced by American technology. The aluminum-clad wood window has better decorative, heat-insulating and sound insulation than the aluminum decorative strip used in domestic general doors and windows. performance.

The aluminum-clad wood window adopts the world-famous American hardware. The product has stable performance, high quality and long service life. It has a good feel of opening and closing.

Aluminum wood window performance

The aluminum-clad wood window adopts aluminum alloy special mold extrusion profile on the outdoor part, and the surface is fluorocarbon sprayed, which can resist the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight and various corrosion in the natural world. There are many colors and patterns for the owner to choose, and the indoor part is the The high-quality wood of special processing can be selected according to the owner's requirements. The surface of the wood is painted with high-quality paint from Germany. It is UV-resistant, waterproof and has excellent corrosion resistance and environmental protection. It adopts special profiles for doors and windows, has small deformation, can be coordinated with various interior decoration styles, plays a good decorative role, and is integrated with interior decoration paint. The form lines have American style and modern sense, because the indoor side wood profiles are blocked. The energy bridge for indoor and outdoor energy transfer is very effective.

Aluminum wood window installation

The aluminum-clad wood window adopts the installation of the sub-frame first, and the installation method of the main frame after installation. The installation precision is high and the construction quality is good. The sub-frame is made of anti-corrosion wood processing, and the window of the American window is fixed to ensure the form. Waterproof performance.

The aluminum-clad wood window screens are installed indoors, and are densely combined with the window frame and have good anti-mosquito properties. The disassembly and cleaning are convenient, the screen frame is made of wood, and the decorative effect is integrated with the form.

For the installation of aluminum-clad wood windows, Xuting doors and windows use larch, oak or eucalyptus grown close to the Arctic, and they are more resistant to corrosion, degreasing, flame retardant, etc. The materials used in the process are more durable because of the strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, etc. of the wood used.

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Label: Introduction to the design and installation of aluminum-clad wood windows

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