Implantable ECS continuous device

Implantable ECS continuous device engineering application

Implanted ECS continuous device invention content

The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an implantable bridge deck continuous device capable of enhancing the structural strength at the continuous bridge deck and improving the safety and service life of the bridge. To this end, the present invention adopts the following technical solution: It comprises a rubber plate made of an elastic material, and a drainage groove is provided on the back of the middle or near the middle portion of the plate, and the water discharge port communicating with the drainage groove is opened on the plate. . Due to the adoption of the technical solution of the present invention,

The invention can be pre-buried and installed in the continuous part of the adjacent beam body before pouring the concrete leveling layer of the bridge deck, and can be used as a bottom mold for pouring when pouring concrete, preventing the concrete slurry from infiltrating, and no additional installation is required. The bottom mold. After the completion of the deck asphalt layer paving, the device is not easily damaged due to the tensile and bending resistance of the elastic plate itself, the expansion and contraction due to temperature and the cornering effect due to the live load. In the drainage groove on the back of the elastic plate, even if cracks occur in the bridge surface, the rainwater that leaks out can be discharged from both sides of the bridge in time, which helps to avoid the water damage of the asphalt layer on the bridge deck, and also eliminates the rain on the cover beam. The problem of infringement enhances the durability of the cover beam and ensures the safety of the bridge structure.


In order to eliminate the steps, prevent jumping and maintain good road conditions, the relevant departments and construction units have adopted many effective measures and methods, which have greatly reduced the jumping disease at the expansion joints of the bridge. Among them, the installation and construction of bridge expansion joints is an extremely important construction project in the construction of highway bridges. The quality of installation directly affects the stability and comfort of driving, the service quality and service life of large bridges.

Implantable ECS continuous device engineering application

The Xincang Gongtie Overpass is a double bridge with a total length of 713.771m and a full width of 26.0m. o

The span arrangement is: 6×16+3×16+30+20+5×20+2×20+30+2×20+5×20+5×20+5×20m, and the single horizontal arrangement is: 0.5 (Guardrail) +11.5 (roadway) +1m (guardrail + divider). The upper structure is a post-tensioned prestressed concrete hollow slab. The bridge deck is provided with 250px thick No. 40 cement concrete and 200px thick medium granular asphalt concrete, and the hollow slab is made of C50 concrete.

Structural appearance inspection: Continuous seams with ECS construction have no water seepage, and continuous joints of conventional construction have found water seepage. Although the use time is only 1 year, the results have proved effective. The joints using the ECS construction were not cracked, and cracks were found using conventionally constructed joint joints.

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