Impact crusher operation process need to pay attention to what matters

When the impact crusher is broken, it must be fully prepared to carefully inspect the entire production line to ensure the smooth operation of the crushing operation. Prior to the official operation of the impact crusher, only when sufficient preparations are made to ensure that it is perfectly safe in the work, attention should be paid to its attention at this time. So, let's take a look at the precautions of the impact crusher below:
First, before starting
1. Strictly inspect whether the fixed parts such as anchor bolts, body bolts, bearing seats, and bolts at the guard plate are loosened.
2. Check if there are any loose or broken fasteners in the counterattack board.
3. Check the inside of the equipment, such as whether the wear of the hammer is serious, because the hammer has a great influence on the particle size of the discharged material, and also check the conditions of other vulnerable parts, including the degree of wear, whether there is a crack defect, etc.
4, confirm the upper and lower processes, until the belt conveyor, bag filter is working properly before starting.

Second, in operation
1. Pay attention to observe the temperature rise of the main bearing of the rotor, which is about 60°C under normal conditions, and the high temperature should not exceed 75°C. If the temperature rise exceeds the limit, it shall be immediately stopped and checked and effective measures shall be taken to resolve it.
2. In the operation of the impact crusher, dust is relatively large. In addition to the good sealing of all parts of the crusher, ventilation and dust collection equipment shall be provided in the workshop.
3. It is forbidden to open the inspection door to check the inside of the machine. Any adjustments, cleaning and inspections are strictly prohibited so as to avoid danger.
4. Routinely check the vibration, temperature, and sound in accordance with inspection requirements during operation.
5, the gap between the counterattack board and the board hammer should be gradually adjusted to small according to the needs of work, we recommend adjusting the black and white mining machine after the application of manual rotation of the rotor, check for impact, after adjustment is completed, tighten the sleeve nut.

Third, when shutting down
1. When shutting down, first cut off the power supply.
2. Before the main motor can be stopped, all the materials in the crusher must be discharged.

Only by doing what we have summarized above, I believe that the impact crusher will be able to complete its tasks and bring certain benefits to everyone. Therefore, we hope that you can remember the precautions of the crusher.

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