How to protect the fence

There is a big relationship between the protection of the fence network and the service life of the fence. The senior engineer said: In general, the road fence has a service life of 10 years. Some small manufacturers with no scale occupy the market at a low price, in order to reduce costs, production The barriers are well-packed, and the use time is 3-4 years. It can not meet the requirements of use. Here we tell our customers, so to buy railway barriers must choose a regular professional manufacturer, and must not covet for cheaper to buy poor quality products.

The fence net is also called as the isolation fence, which is a fence that is tight on the support structure with a metal mesh sheet to prevent humans and animals from entering the road sector. Separation barriers should be provided on both sides of highways and first-class automobile special highways. And prevent the illegal occupation of highway sites.

One of the ways of fence protection is impregnation. Nowadays, the most mature methods in China are: Powder impregnation method, which originated from the fluidized bed method. The so-called fluidized bed was originally applied on the Winkler gas generator. Contact decomposition of oil, and then developed the solid-gas two-phase contact process, and gradually used for metal coating. So it is sometimes called "fluidized bed coating method". The actual process is to add powder coating into the bottom porous and gas-permeable container (flowing tank). Blower blows the treated compressed air from below to make the powder coating turn to flow. State." Become evenly distributed fine powder.

We know that the fluidized bed is the second stage of the solid flow regime (the first stage is the fixed bed stage, and the second stage is the gas flow transport stage), and on the basis of the fixed bed, the flow rate (W) is further increased, and the bed begins to expand and Loosely, the height of the bed began to increase, and each powder particle was floated, thus moving away from its original position for a certain degree of movement, and then entering the fluidized bed stage. The bc segment indicates the expansion of the powder layer in the fluidized bed. The height (I) increases with the increase of the gas velocity, but the pressure (ΔP) in the bed does not increase, and the flow rate changes within a certain range without affecting the fluid flow. The required unit power, which is the characteristic of the fluidized bed, is the use of this feature to carry out the coating process. The uniformity of the fluidized state of the powder in the fluidized bed is the key to ensure uniform coating film. The fluidized bed used for powder coating belongs to “vertical fluidization”. The fluidization number must be determined through tests. Generally, the fluidization bed can be coated, and the suspension rate of the powder in the fluidized bed can be up to 30 to 50. %. The railway isolation fence, municipal isolation fence and bilateral isolation fence have been deoiled and preheated to above the melting point of the powder coating. After immersed in the fluidized bed, the plastic powder will adhere evenly, and then plasticized polymer cross-linked leveling steel-plastic composite Products.

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