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The return to nature's life is always human eternal yearning, drawing from the natural elements of decoration, but also become a decorating the decorative design of the main line. Stone, from the common marble, granite, to rich texture, different styles of faux slate tile, sandstone, volcanic rock, and then to the precious rare jade, ceramic tile never stopped imitating this natural material.
Despite the rise of imitation wood tiles and modern ceramic tile design in recent years, the high-end ceramic tile market still does not slacken its internal strength toward the most basic faux stone tile. Fire blazing firing process coupled with advanced inkjet technology, so that artificial tiles can also have a natural stone gods.
1, jade delicate warm, get rid of the cold feeling of the tile
Imitation jade ceramic tile, imitation stone pattern tile as a special category, in recent years has been highly favored by the high-end market. Crystal jade transparent, warm and delicate texture, get rid of the cold tiles, abrupt feeling, bring a new feeling for the home. A symbol of luxury, culture, craft jade is patterned into tiles texture, to the space to bring luxury, distinguished aura. Especially in the bathroom, living room and other space to be large-scale use.
The latest imitation jade ceramic tile is not satisfied with the original jade texture imitation, more joined the creative design elements, so that ordinary building materials a little more humanistic taste of taste. For example, Italy REX Reese's latest Han Niu series, in addition to suet white, blue white, topaz, ink jade and other different colors of jade texture-based, but also with reference to unpredictable nature of the situation, the surging scenery, Tiles on the wave of ups and downs. Advanced inkjet technology, jade soul full of vitality, as if to tile as a canvas, swaying a abstract light and shadow abstract landscape painting, the viewer also seems to be standing in the front of the stormy waves, mood with ups and downs.
Extraordinary stone series from the European high-end ceramic tile brand CARMEN are also inspired by jade. Similarly, to create "nature" seems to be very attractive to designers, the series is also unwilling to re-design on the basis of jade. Different from Hanyuyu, this product is deeply influenced by the modern simple design. With smooth satin lines, it shows a more sense of line and a jagged gem texture, giving the space a stylish and beautiful atmosphere.
2, rare stone,
In modern simplicity to highlight the texture
For the imitation of stone tiles, close to the real vivid colors, restore the original texture of nature, is the most extreme pursuit of product technology. Especially for some rare stone, because it is difficult to obtain, stone imitation function is also more prominent.
In addition to the common marble, granite and other stone, designers are always trying hard to human beings can see the rich gorgeous rock stone for home decoration. As a result, we saw a variety of rich texture, different styles of various , sandstone, volcanic rocks and other rare stone. For example, Rift's Caracalta series, drawn from the Carrara Mountains, one of the top 4 peaks in Italy, shares the same origin with Michelangelo's famous statue, David. Full of white represents the eternal beauty, and low-key stone show noble artistic atmosphere. Titan tiles from excellent homes pay more attention to the expressiveness of man-made materials such as tiles. This series of products choose to cover up page patterns with high-pitched tones, rich and delicate stone patterns form a bustling world and give a primitive eco-friendly sense.
In the traditional Italian luxury style, rich and rare stone and carved exquisite, ornate Italian furniture complement each other, rich visual impact highlights the noble sense of quality. The current pattern chic imitation stone pattern tiles, more modern and minimalist, minimalist style. Simple room decoration, low-key furniture options, the overall plain more impressed the beauty of the stone, so that the overall texture of the space more prominent. Through the extension of the design ideas, but also be better decorative effect of the most vividly.
Unique parquet, personalized retro, bringing human connotation
Although imitation stone pattern is the classic ceramic tile design line, but designers are always changing ways, so that this basic design glow new vitality, imitation jade tile redesign, is a good example.
The designer's whimsy is always beyond your imagination, a variety of design techniques can be used to bring imitation stone tiles more humanistic content. For example, Reith's "European Impression" product, inspired by the mottled traces of old European streets. Gray stone brick to create a rich historical feeling, bringing nostalgia, retro culture. This tile is not only patterned on the street stone, but also uniquely created a "beggar edge" design, that is, irregular ceramic tile edge, more highlights the retro, old flavor, instantly enhance the space artistic temperament, let People feel like being in the pristine European streets, enjoying the leisurely aftertaste of the history.
Tile paving, parquet way is an important element of creative design. For example, the above-mentioned Hennessey series, at the ceramic exhibition in Bologna, Italy, pioneered the "diamond pattern", imitation of the diamond heart and arrow cutting, reproduction of a rather artistic effect of the extraordinary design, so that the beauty of ceramic tiles to be further sublimation .

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