How to identify the gusset module of the integrated ceiling?

Spraying is generally to spray the color powder on the board through the spray gun. Please note that the roll is first cut into strips and then colored: the surface color of the board tends to have particles and the color distribution is uneven. It is easier to fade. This type of board is basically not used at home. Most of it will be used in large factory decoration. Because the relative price is very cheap, there are still many small manufacturers and even screwdriver workshops in hand workshops. Scorpion to attract consumers.

The roller coating process is actually spraying the color powder on the surface through the spray gun. The difference is mainly: all the powders are better, and the second is that the equipment is basically computer-controlled, and the precision is high, so that the spraying can be ensured evenly. There is also the fact that the roll is colored and the entire aluminum roll is first colored and then cut to ensure that the color of the formed plate is absolutely uniform. The biggest characteristic of the roller-coated plate is that the color is highly simulated. For example, like the Lexon in the industry, the quality of the roller-coating process varies greatly. In addition to all the materials, it is also colored several times. Related to, for example, two coatings and two rolls, that is, spraying once is to bake once, then spray and then roast, so that the color is more even and smooth, the price of a good roll-coated plate is also very expensive, the color is realistic, and the durability is strong.

Imported fluorocarbon roll coating is also a kind of roll coating, which is to add fluorocarbon to the pigment, which makes the color adhesion stronger, the service life is larger, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and is often used in the exterior decoration of the building (not afraid of the wind) Blowing rain), the price is very high, is the most high-grade one of the roller coated panels. The “Picasso” roll-coated board is manufactured using this process and is flat.

The film is simply a layer of color film on the aluminum plate, which is an innovation in the surface treatment of the material, which appeared in the late 1990s. The characteristics of the film are that it can be kept for decades, does not fade, change color, has many colors, is very sensory, and is not easy to be ash. Japan and South Korea were among the first to develop this new material, and then introduced it to Taiwan and brought it into the country. At first, this technology was first used in the decoration of electrical appliances, making electrical appliances more beautiful and grade.

In 2000, Taiwan’s Shengyang Company, which was engaged in the development of keel and ceiling, transferred this technology to aluminum ceilings, and did not expect to achieve unprecedented success. As a kitchen and bathroom ceiling material, it has natural advantages: no fading, no detachment, no deformation, no fumes, easy to clean, fashionable and beautiful, moisture resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and has a high cost performance. For most families, it has been accepted that in large and medium-sized cities, PVC has gradually replaced PVC as the first choice for kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration. The specific film-coating step is simple: using the chemical properties of the membrane, the membrane is differentiated under high temperature conditions. A kind of glue-like substance is then uniformly rolled on a flat aluminum plate by a machine tool and then condensed through a low temperature box, so that the film and the plate are not peeled off.

The brushed plate of the sanding board is made of high-quality aluminum plate, and is processed by various chemical treatments such as the surface of the imported diamond cloth wheel, the pressing type, the roller coating and the like. With superior performance, the board has good sound absorption and sound insulation effects, and has good fireproof performance. It is determined by the national “green building materials” that the product has strong moisture resistance and anti-corrosion performance, and the board surface setting effect is good.

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Label: How to identify the gusset module with integrated ceiling?

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