How to debug monitors to reduce eye strain

Business: TCL monitor integrated camera IR waterproof camera <br> <br> try adjustment to the brightness and contrast of the monitor, change the background color and see how it works. If you have to face the LCD monitor for a long time every day, you may want to install the protection screen.

Look at the computer monitor to see eyestrain, I'm afraid this experience I have encountered. This state of continuation will lead to eye strain, blurred vision, shoulder acid, headache, systemic fatigue, and vision loss.

Causes of eye fatigue include: light and reflected light mapped to the monitor, flickering of the screen, etc.

Compared with the CRT, the LCD monitor basically does not suffer from flickering problems. In contrast, mapping light and reflected light have become problems for LCD monitors. When a fluorescent lamp or a person's face is mapped onto a screen, the difficulty of reading the screen is increased, and the eye muscle activity exceeds the normal level. It can be said that it is this reason that causes eye fatigue.

In addition, liquid crystal monitors have recently developed to high brightness and high contrast. Although this is good for color display, it also makes the eyes more prone to fatigue.

Therefore, try to avoid eye strain when working with the LCD monitor.

Adjust the screen brightness, contrast and color to adjust the screen contrast and brightness. However, if normal surveillance work is performed for a long period of time, proper reduction in contrast and brightness can reduce eye strain.

The LCD monitor has functions such as adjustment of brightness and contrast, vertical and horizontal deviation and tilt. Try using these features to adjust brightness and contrast. However, when the brightness and contrast are too low, eye fatigue is more likely to occur. Therefore, try several times to adjust to your own condition.

As for the adjustment method, please refer to the instructions of each monitor.

In addition, through the Windows screen settings, you can also change the window's color configuration. Select [Display] on the control panel, click [Appearance] → [Detail Settings], and you will be able to change to your favorite color configuration.

In the initial setup, because the white of the window background is too strong, changing it to cream or light green will have a nice effect. Please select [Window] in [Advanced] and use [Color 1] to change to the favorite color.

Depending on the software, the window color may not change even if the above changes are made. In the menu of this type of software, there is a separate window background setting instruction. Please confirm it with help.

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