How to choose a wide variety of cabinet materials?

There are many cabinet styles on the market, and the cabinets of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The common materials of the cabinet materials are fireproof board, melamine veneer type, paint board, crystal door board, pvc board, solid wood door board, etc., then how to choose the cabinet material What materials are used in the cabinet?

Cabinet material 1, fire board

The multi-layer kraft paper is impregnated with phenolic resin and pressed with a layer of melamine-impregnated decorative paper under high temperature and high pressure. The fireproof board is used as a cabinet door by cold pressing or hot pressing on a medium density board or a particle board. Generally, the fireproof board has better performances such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance than melamine board. The fireproof board has a bright color and gives a new look. However, the fireproof board top is easily eroded by water and moisture, and improper use may result in degumming, deformation, and substrate expansion.

Cabinet material 2, melamine veneer

The melamine board is made of melamine on the surface of the particleboard or MDF, and the extended type is covered with a metal frame at the edge. Similar to fireproof board, it has the properties of anti-friction, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat-resistant acid hot alkali and so on. The refractory board has various natural colors and textures, but there is no three-dimensional shape. The metal edge banding and the aluminum alloy groove handle only increase the decorativeness, and there is not much effect from the practical effect.

Cabinet material 3, paint board

Paint boards are divided into paint and polyester paints. Baking varnish is composed of resin and additives and can be polished and polished. The polyester lacquer adopts the painting process, which does not need to be baked. The surface is matt effect without polishing, and the firmness and adhesion are emphasized. A good polyester lacquer falls off in powder form, while ordinary sheets fall off.

Cabinet material 4, crystal plate

The crystal plate is plexiglass plate after the surface of the plate is painted, and the process of wrapping, edge sealing and trimming is completely manual operation, and the characteristics of the plexiglass itself have many disadvantages.

Cabinet material 5, PVC board

The vc board is vacuum-pressed on the surface of the substrate with pvc. It can have a three-dimensional shape. Due to the overall coating, it has good waterproof and moisture resistance, and can be selected in a variety of colors and textures. However, the surface is easily scratched, bruised and not resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, since the water of the glue is immersed in the substrate during the coating process, the sheet is easily deformed.

Cabinet material 6, solid wood board

The solid wood board is divided into pure solid wood board, solid wood composite board and solid wood veneer. Pure solid wood board has higher consistency requirements for wood species, overall natural, luxurious and classic, and good effect; solid wood composite board is made of solid wood splicing material, and the surface is covered with solid wood skin, which can achieve the visual effect of solid wood; solid wood veneer is in The surface of the MDF is double-coated with solid wood. The solid wood composite board and the solid wood veneer can avoid the chromatic aberration and defects of the surface raw materials, achieve the same texture color effect, and are not easy to be deformed.

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