How to avoid plastic mold deformation

Manufacturers and mold manufacturers are most afraid of plastic mold deformation, this will cause some damage, then how to prevent plastic mold deformation?

1. In order to reduce the deformation of the plastic mold, avoid as far as possible the plastic mold structure with a large difference in cross-sectional size, the plastic mold shape seeking symmetry, and the complex plastic mold assembly structure.

2. When the shape of the plastic mold cannot be changed, in order to reduce the deformation, it may be considered to improve the cooling conditions so that each part can be uniformly cooled.

3. The deformation of asymmetrical plastic molds is also the result of a combination of thermal stress and tissue stress. For example, for thin-walled thin-edged dies, the mold wall is thin, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside when quenched is small, and thus the thermal stress is small; however, it is easily hardenable and the microstructure stress is large, so the deformation tends to expand in the cavity.

4. For symmetric type plastic molds, the deformation tendency can be considered according to cavity size, outside dimensions, and height. When the plastic mold has a thin wall and a small height, it is relatively easy to be hardened, and it is likely that the stress of the tissue plays a major role. Therefore, the cavity tends to swell. On the contrary, if the wall thickness and height are large, it is not easy to be hardened. Zhongshan Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd. stated that it may be the main role of thermal stress at this time. Therefore, the cavity tends to shrink.

In the production practice, it is necessary to consider the specific shape of the parts, the type of steel used and the heat treatment process, etc., and continuously summarize the experience through practice. Due to actual production, the external dimensions of the plastic mold are often not the main working dimensions, and they can also be corrected by grinding or the like after deformation.

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