How to apply biogas slurry to crops

Biogas slurry is generally used as root fertilizer and foliar spray.

First, the root of the general application of 667 square meters is 500-3000 kg. Fertilization time is good for sunny evenings. It is not suitable for fertilization when rainy or soil is too wet.

2. Cotton can be sprayed during the whole growth period of cotton. The concentration of spraying should be adjusted according to the different periods of cotton growth. The ratio of the pre-buddant biogas slurry to the clear water is 1:2, and the ratio after the bud is 1:1. Spray once every 7 days. After spraying, the cotton leaves are dark green, which can play the role of keeping flowers and keeping the bells and treating the cotton aphids and red spiders.

Third, leafy vegetables can be sprayed in any growing season, the ratio of biogas slurry to clean water is 1:1, sprayed once every 10 days. After spraying, the leaves are thick green, which can also play a role in controlling aphids and cabbage caterpillars.

Fourth, matters needing attention

1. For the biogas slurry to be applied, the biogas slurry in the biogas tank with normal gas production for more than one month must be used. The biogas slurry in the waste pond and dead pool cannot be used. It should be clarified when spraying, and filtered with gauze to prevent the sprayer from being blocked.

2. The pH value of the soaked biogas slurry is between 6.8 and 7.5, otherwise it can not be soaked.

3. Spray the biogas slurry on the back of the blade as much as possible, which is conducive to the rapid absorption of crops.

4. Spraying time of biogas slurry should be sprayed after dew in spring, autumn and winter morning; spray in summer evening; spray at noon high temperature to prevent burning of leaves; do not spray before rain, rain will wash away Biogas slurry.
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