How the wallpaper installation process is detailed

Nowadays, the decorative materials on the market can be seen in a variety of ways, including paints, wallpaper, wall coverings, ceramic tiles, etc. The effects of different decorative materials are different, and different people prefer different things. So, how is the effect of paving the wallpaper? How is the wallpaper installation process ? How many do you know? Here's what Xiaobian will do for everyone.

Wallpaper installation process 1, wall treatment

Wall treatment is the first process of wallpaper layout. First of all, to clean the epidermis clean and flat, the purpose of doing so is to do the next better wallpaper paving; Second, you also need to carry out a primary treatment of the wall, usually painted a layer of the wall The film or varnish can better separate the wallpaper from the wall and effectively protect the wall surface; in addition, it is necessary to make scraping putty on the wall twice. After the putty is dried, sand it with sandpaper. On the wall, the uneven granules are erased to make it smooth and smooth enough. Finally, the cover oil is used, as long as the wall is evenly smeared with clean oil, but it must not be applied too thick. It's not good to place wallpaper.

Wallpaper installation process 2, wallpaper cutting

Next, place the wallpaper on the serial number and measure the height of the wall. Then, according to the height of the wall to leave about five centimeters to cut out, need to pay special attention to the cutting must not be too anxious, one can cut a roll of wallpaper, in case of quality problems or bad replacement in other situations.

Wallpaper installation process 3, brush wallpaper glue

If you use non-woven wallpaper plus water should be evenly painted on the wall, the thickness of about 2 centimeters, can not glue the brush directly on the back of the non-woven, but also can not use water to soak him, non-woven and Unlike ordinary wallpapers, the glue concentration it uses should be thicker and thicker.

Wallpaper installation process 4, wallpaper

After the previous steps have been completed, it is time to formally begin wallpapering. As long as the previously cut wallpaper, in accordance with the appropriate order to the wall can be posted well. In the process of laying out, we must be very careful and serious. This is not as easy as playing house.

Xiao Bian epilogue: The above is the detailed introduction of the wallpaper paving, after reading the Xiaobian everyone is not a certain confidence in the wallpaper layout, then what are you waiting for, and quickly start decorating your room! Do-it-yourself can save a lot of expenses, but we must ensure that it is tidy, beautiful, coordinated, and unified. If there is a slight difference, it will certainly affect the overall effect.

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