How much wave can a smart door lock turn over in a diversified era?

Should an internet smart door lock be worth the geometry? This is a difficult topic to say. In the previous article "The Great Loss" of the apartment, the author Zhang Qiling raised doubts - "Because the money laundering is a hidden rule, the smart door lock has been played by some apartment entrepreneurs, and the high market price has caused the bubble to rise."

With regard to the pricing basis and core value of the Internet smart door lock, then the station communicated with the practitioners: from the height of the industrial chain, simply seeing the smart door lock as hardware + system patchwork is too narrow, in the current "scale is not The economics phenomenon is obvious in the lodging industry, and the Internet smart door lock is just the need to promote the overall information development of the industry.

Consumption upgrade brings the era of diversified residential products

With the improvement of the consumption power of the middle class, players of all walks of life rely on their own advantages to explore in the diversified development of how to meet the needs of accommodation. Housing companies, hotels, renting apartments, long-term rental apartments and short-term rental platforms cross each other (free and Tujia is a typical representative), full-time B&Bs and second-homeowners are emerging... The production model of residential products has been from old hotels and C2C leasing, the crack now has included the situation of real estate business, wine management company, Internet industry, professional second landlord and so on.

Ji Qi, chairman of Huaju, even said frankly, "I don't think there will be a large number of star-rated hotels in China in the future. Large star-rated hotels and stock real estates will turn into office and accommodation businesses."

"Since 12 years, there have been more and more non-self-occupied spaces, which can be said to be an iconic beginning." Guojia CEO Duan Fanghua regards this point of time as a re-recognition of the concept of residential products. “In terms of short-term rent, there have been a large number of short-term renters and many platform operators serving them; and long-term leases have gradually evolved from the original C2C to C2A (agents) 2C, to the current C2B2C. Different forms and patterns are developed from a single self-sustaining home, hotel accommodation, and rental housing."

In fact, from Xiong Lin's joining the chain to incubate to Liu Yang's You+ apartment to get Lei Jun investment; from Luo Jun to establish a Tujia start to Chen Chi to create a pig... The entrepreneur who smelled the vents started at the same time. The diversification of housing products is accompanied by the thrust of consumption upgrades, allowing a wide variety of residential products to be quickly introduced.

“Non-standard B&B has diversified from the initial cheap label to the current product form and price level. At the same time, the long-rent apartment product line is also diversified, except for centralized apartments that have various salary classes, 2015 After the continuous improvement of product upgrades, it can be said that it has considerable symbolic significance." Duan Fanghua added that "the era of diversified residential products has arrived."

Duan Fanghua further proposed that Internetization is actually the basic form of diversified residential products. On the one hand, it is derived from the Internet of user experience and interaction, and more importantly, the Internet operation of merchants. At present, most accommodation operators will have two systems for management. The first system is used as an asset management system, which is mainly used to collect houses from the landlord. The second system is used as a front-end business system, which mainly provides tenants to solve the contract. Pay rent, reservation service and other issues. These two systems have been very intelligent, but because the systems are not open, they are in a state of war, and there is no data circulation between them, and the user experience has not achieved the desired effect.

Therefore, the Internet intelligent door lock management system that integrates the data channel service and the rights management service plays a pivotal role. In fact, physical keys, hotel magnetic cards, or fingerprints cannot be managed online in integrated IT systems or even cloud systems, and the emergence of Internet smart door locks solves such problems. Finally, the three systems of asset management system, business system and Internet intelligent door lock system were formed, and the data was linked, so that the housing resources were online in real time.

Obviously, with the Internet intelligent door lock hardware + system as the core, the real-time accurate flow of data between the upper and lower systems is realized, which is in line with the requirements of the Internet of the accommodation industry. Regardless of the hotel, long-term rental apartments, non-standard short-term rentals, etc., in order to improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs and optimize customer experience, this core issue cannot be avoided.

Data flow to direct upgrade

In fact, today, the era of diversified residential products, the data flow of Internet smart door lock hardware + system has become an industry consensus. The arrival of “the era of diversified residential products” means the commercialization of living space. Productization and diversification are the basic premise for large-scale mass production and personalized consumption. The continuous policy loosening and tax reform are also providing support for many parties to participate in destocking.

But I have to admit that although the Internet smart door lock hardware + system has been popularized in the industry. However, apart from hotels, the informatization of its products in the era of diversified living is still lagging behind, becoming an invisible flaw that hinders development.

To call the founder Zhang Ze has used the hotel data analogy to emphasize the importance of data for precision control. “The data of the hotel market has been hardened by OTA for many years, and it has gradually digitized and realized multi-channel and diverse sales. The system relies on various and complicated systems. Non-standard accommodation should avoid such a situation and then reincarnation.”

Unfortunately, in the wild stage of industry development, such short-term reincarnation is basically a foreseeable fact. Despite being a pioneer in the industry, I tried to use the "free" mode of lock-for-night to gradually cultivate the usage habits of B-end users. But looking at the huge accommodation market, the coverage of smart door locks is still too low. At the moment when the profit point is single (generally relying on the middle price difference for profit), the resulting operational inefficiency of the network lag is low, and the participants are deeply dissatisfied at the beginning of the race until they are out.

However, the solution to the direct connection channel platform with the door lock binding system is being implemented in the hands of the company. Similar to the solution with the system, it is now being applied to the cooperation of apartments, homestays, tourism and real estate industries.

Like the development of the hotel industry, Guojia’s Internet smart locks connect product consumers, product operators and channel platforms in the form of “door lock + PMS + OTA” to form an efficient industrial model.

Lean management is the deep value of Internet smart lock

Once the Internet intelligent door lock and the platform form a complete flow of information, it will not only solve the problem of reservation, but also the deeper operational efficiency.

A simple example is similar to hotel revenues in terms of efficacies. The core of long-rent apartments emphasizes the ratio of people to rooms and cost-effectiveness. Take a decentralized long-rent apartment as an example. After the announcement of over 100 million financing last year, the actual number of operators in the district was over 3,000. The monthly labor cost became unbearable. I can't wait for the profit model to become clear. In fact, even if there is an apartment brand that has no choice but to compromise on the development of the platform, the informationization road has not yet been paved, and how many passers-by can be set up by setting up a “toll station”?

Such a pain point in the supply chain is also urgently needed to be solved on the short-term rental platform. Take Airbnb as an example. Some readers introduced this site. They chose to book accommodation in airbnb before going to Indonesia for a holiday. Due to the lack of smart door locks, the landlord needs to pick up the physical key from Kuala Lumpur dozens of kilometers away. On the short-term rental platform, some readers experienced the same thing. They were told that the homeowner had something to do when they dragged the suitcase to the door. They had to wait for another tenant to eat back. The seater sat for 2 hours before entering the door...

It can be seen that whether it is from the management efficiency of the B-end or the user experience of the C-end, the lack of Internet makes the whole ecosystem low, and the Internet smart door lock is undoubtedly the foundation of the entire supply chain. In this case, the extension of dataization can help achieve more derivative value.

Talking about long-short-term rent and operation, this is almost the crux of the current apartment industry players are difficult to break through. Generally speaking, tenants will rarely check out at the expiration of the lease (both will be advanced). In the absence of informationization, if the administrator does not go to the site to check, he will know nothing about the check-out time of the tenant. In fact, if there is data support for the Internet smart lock , for example, through real-time room status, the tenant has not entered the record for three days, it can be predicted that the guest has checked out, and then received the short-term rental platform through the Internet smart door lock. The booking will significantly reduce the marginal cost of operations.

When it comes to operators making loans to financial institutions with tenant leases, it is difficult for financial institutions to make accurate judgments because of loopholes in the risk control system. Therefore, there are operators who use friends to defraud the loan (in fact, friends do not Stay by lease). Similar to the above case, if the real-time data is transmitted through the smart door lock of the Internet, it is found that the tenant does not generate the entry and exit records. On the basis of strengthening the audit, the financial institution can naturally improve its own risk control capability.

And deeper associations, based on the flexible manufacturing of the recent fire, the production of future commodities may be based on data. As the best transmission mechanism between human and space, in the future, under the premise of realizing the Internet of Things in smart home appliances, the data acquisition source of personal offline behavior will be quite diverse, and the data volume will become extremely impressive. It will build a huge ecosystem, and everything is worth imagining.

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