How much money in the control TL200 smart lock price

According to statistics, 83% of South Korean households have installed smart fingerprint locks. As for why so many people prefer such locks, I don't think Xiaobian has said it again. Good smart locks can not only help us improve the quality of life, but also our safety. With such a lock, we can safely go out. Even in the event of an emergency, he can help us solve the alarm. Today let it control the TL200 smart lock to help you sort out some questions.


Central control TL200 smart lock price

Central control wisdom (zkteco) TL200 fingerprint lock home smart electronic code lock Villa anti-theft door lock door wooden door lock champagne gold stainless steel false lock

Reference price is 1,000 yuan

In the control TL200 smart lock product parameters:

In addition, the control TL200 is also equipped with anti-peeping virtual password design technology, if someone beside you, and do not want him to see the password, then you can randomly enter the password before and after the password, the system can quickly identify the 0.3S Real password, smart protection, safety and worry-free. In the control of high-precision fingerprint identification technology, recognition speed Xiaoyu 0.5S.

The military-level free handle, after the door is locked, can be unlocked by lifting the handle, and then the handle is in a free state and can be pressed but cannot be unlocked. This design can effectively protect the lock body and internal mechanical parts and prevent violent destruction.

Lock material: zinc alloy

Collector: Central control filmless fingerprint collector

Capacity: 100 users

Misjudgment rate: ≤0.0001%

Refusal rate: "1%

Power supply: 8 AA batteries

Lock core: Super-B lock cylinder

Communication: Bluetooth, U disk

Optional: ZIGBEE wireless communication, wireless cat's eye, wireless remote control

Comparison method: fingerprint password ID card

Smart home from the idea to the upper line, in fact, did not go through a long time. After all, economic promotion plays an important role in this aspect. When we really want to ensure the safety of our personal and property, you are indispensable for such locks.

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