How is the European style wooden door?

In recent years, the rise of the commercial housing market has also led to the long-term development of the door industry. With the advancement of science and technology, the styles of various doors in the market are various and the functions are varied, making us unable to start blindly when choosing. So when we face the dazzling array of doors on the market, how can we choose? Today Xiao Bian came to take everyone to know about the European wooden door , then the European style wooden door and the price of the European style wooden door , take a look at it .

How is the European door?

The European style wooden door is the product of the European style door industry, and now the European style school is already the brand of CCTV. It was once rated as the “Top 30 Chinese Wooden Door Enterprises”, so the quality is guaranteed.

Several characteristics of European wood door:

1. Anti-corrosion and anti-smelling: Europian's wooden doors are used for the use of high-tech materials. They are not afraid of corrosion by acids and alkalis, and have a natural barrier to insects.

2, personalized customization: designer door-to-door measurement data, based on your home environment design recommendations, in order to make consumer satisfaction program;

3. Moisture-proof and waterproof: The window cover is not deformed under the long-term use in wet conditions, and it is very suitable for the environment in the south.

4, the color of the unity: the surface is imported PVC, the surface resistance is high, no longer worried about the occurrence of scratches and uneven color;

European wooden door price

European wooden door OPW-003 1488 yuan

Naturally simple, the overall design of the door head and corners, based on practicality, the door and the door leaf perfectly fit, fully achieve the effect of silence, have their own space.

European wooden door OPW-016 1688 yuan

With exquisite three-dimensional materials, the material is uniform, the engraving is smooth, and various beautiful patterns can be processed. Effectively prevent temperature spread, the room is warm in winter and cool in summer.

European wooden door OPW-006 1888 yuan

The use of purple wood, ingenious design, fine lines and elegant; material is good, can be evenly distributed external forces, good flame retardant.

The quality and performance of the European wooden doors are superior in the industry. After the above explanations by Xiao Bian, everyone has a good understanding of the European wooden doors and the price of the European wooden doors. If you choose wooden doors, the European doors will be a Good choice.

Wooden door brand European wood door

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