How about the European ceiling? What are the advantages of the European ceiling?

Nowadays, the ceilings of the renovated houses will be installed. The decoration of the ceilings is now done by people, but the ceilings are also divided into categories and brands. Nowadays, there are more and more ceiling brands on the market, so we don’t know. how to choose, then how about the EU to send ceiling that? What are the advantages of the EU to send ceiling have that? following on from the renovated home network Xiaobian to tell you about it.


First, how about the European ceiling?

1. People-oriented design runs through every detail of the Opald·European integrated ceiling. The part that inherits the essence of European design. The charm of simplicity, modern style, imagination and modern technology and wisdom complement each other, and meticulously demonstrate the people-oriented care and functional pursuit. Humanistic design ideas, functional design methods, the fusion of traditional Confucianism and modern technology, transcendence of the idealistic ideals of reality, the modern and fashionable Opald European modern life, which constitutes Opald Europe The source of integrated ceiling design.

2. While ensuring the user's private space, it provides a friendly and comfortable living space, incorporating natural elements into it, incorporating modern health concepts, infrared perfect treatment, oxygen bar performance body design, comfortable and unobtrusive adjustable lighting Embellished, gentle care of the body's bath temperature, bit by bit details highlight Opald Europe's true respect for users, a true insight into China's future bathroom trends.


Second, the advantages of the European pendant

1, simple and generous, neat and beautiful. The European-style ceiling is the integration of Yuba, lamps and metal ceiling panels, so that all electrical equipment is fully integrated into the ceiling, changing the impression of the original Yuba's bulky and straightforward, so that the kitchen upper space remains perfectly consistent, without reducing Under the premise of the Yuba function, the overall aesthetics of the bathroom is increased.

2, home life is more humane. The electrical products in the European ceiling are a new interpretation of the traditional Yuba. It successfully breaks down many functions such as picking, lighting and ventilation in the traditional Yuba into individual function modules, and according to the bathtub in the bathroom (shower ), the actual placement of the toilet and the basin, and then the directional design and installation of the module equipment such as sputum, ventilation, lighting, etc., that is, the ventilation fan is actually placed above the toilet for quick odor, and the Yuba is placed separately. The top of the shower is used for rapid heating, so that the functions of the various devices are fully utilized, the use is more scientific and reasonable, and the design defects of the intersection of many electrical components of the traditional Yuba are solved in essence .

3. Be different. Ou Pai ceiling can be freely combined with various color aluminum gussets according to personal taste and preference. During the whole design and construction process, you can fully participate and make full use of your imagination to make you The home life is more comfortable and makes your home truly different.

The ceiling is the most common type of decoration in our life. It is also the type that people like now. So what are the advantages of the European ceiling and the European ceiling? I think everyone has read the above introduction. Understand, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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