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Rectangular pipe see / centrifugal impeller for the front-wing multi-blade centrifugal impeller, single suction, the fan is designed to enter and exit horizontally, the square inlet and outlet can be directly connected with the duct, fan motor for air conditioning motor, the machine has a noise Low smooth operation, long service life and other characteristics

According to the diameter of 140 ~ 500mm sixteen series of specifications for the air volume of 130 ~ 7280m3 / h, the total pressure of 45 ~ 810Pa, in order to meet the noise requirements of different places, divided into: ordinary type: all the materials for galvanized steel through the bite Mouth shape

Muffler type: the fan part of the galvanized steel through the bite shape, box board for the color coated with acoustics materials, aluminum frame for the profile, the inlet and outlet with a filter

Rectangular duct fan / bar

The type of gas delivered: air and other unnatural, non-corrosive, harmless gases

Impurities in the gas: the gas must not have viscous material, dust and hard particles contained in more than 120mg / m3

Performance curve

rectangular duct fan

Gas temperature range of use: -200C ~ 800C This series of fans are used only indoors, and should be installed in the direction of the sample front view, not upside down installation, installation is not allowed side legislation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the motor, for outdoor installation , Must consider the motor rain measures

Rectangular pipe fan / centrifugal pipe fan design selection instructions,

The pipeline fan is a forward multi-wing centrifugal fan, the same air volume, partial pressure case, the noise is much lower than the axial fan

This series of fan air volume, wind pressure, noise and other parameters are based on the actual needs of many projects proposed, widely used in public places to send exhaust system

The top of the fan housing marked with the direction of the arrow out of the air, to avoid reverse installation, delivery, exhaust series under normal use

When the transport of cold air may cause condensation on the outer surface of the casing and pipe fans should be designed insulation, fan noise is the rated air flow, air pressure is not connected to the air duct when measured at a distance of one meter from the outlet , With the inlet and exhaust pipe, the noise will be attenuated, for the noise requirements of the higher occasions, the exhaust pipe should be arranged in the muffler elbow or muffler, fan with single 200V motor power wiring diagram Place in the fan power junction box

Vibration small fan operation, the general need to use damping measures, if the design considered necessary, the fan can be supplemented with damping rubber or rubber vibration damping spring

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