Herbicides safe use

At present, chemical weeding work in wheat fields and rape fields is about to begin. Correctly formulating pesticides , mastering scientific and safe use techniques, and improving herbicidal effects should pay attention to the following items:
1, the correct distribution of pharmaceutical liquid. Firstly add 0.5 kg of water to the mother liquor and put it into the bottle. Pour the spray into the sprayer in equal parts, add enough water, stir evenly and spray again. The water consumption per mu is not less than 40 kg.
2. After the herbicide is mixed with water, it is better to add a small amount of to the liquid to increase the adhesion of the liquid on the weed leaves, increase the ability to resist rain and improve the efficacy.
3, the use of herbicides should be used evenly. The medicine should be sprayed equally according to the area of ​​the field, so that the weeds in the field can receive a sufficient amount of liquid medicine and wet the stems and leaves of the weeds, but the liquid can not flow down, and do not spray or leak.
4, spray should be carried out in the absence of wind or breeze conditions, the use of fan-shaped nozzles, the field side spray nozzles should be lowered to avoid phytotoxicity to the field of broad bean seedlings and adjacent crops. Do not spray when there is wind, to prevent the liquid from drifting.
5. Dispose of waste liquid properly. Tips for China Pesticide Network : After application, the sprayer should be strictly cleaned, and the remaining liquid medicine and waste water used for washing the sprayer should be properly disposed of, and can not be randomly dumped; empty medicine bottles and medicine bags should be buried deeply, pay attention to the protection of the environment.



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