Hardware companies focus on the future to prepare for “going ashore”

With the deepening of the market economy and the establishment and improvement of relevant laws, some new private entrepreneurs have begun to "sunshine" the rise, especially some outstanding enterprises in the hardware industry, which not only created a lot of social wealth and employment, but also fully follow the modern Market rules. The normal operation of human society can not be separated from the rules, but in different eras, the principles for establishing rules are different. In the process of institutional transition in our country, there is a large amount of regulatory gaps after the opening of the market, and markets without rules are bound to lead to disorder; in addition, the new institutional environment has not provided sufficient guarantees for private enterprises, resulting in some private entrepreneurs passing fouls. To gain space for development.

With the gradual improvement of the system, the status of enterprises without business licenses will gradually be destroyed. At this stage, hardware companies with “drive without licenses” should focus on the future and be ready to “go ahead of time”. In addition to abandoning market constraints, companies that want to grow bigger will inevitably need to package and promote their own brands. Imagine a company that has no business license.

A business license is an abbreviation for a business license of a corporation and it is a certificate that a company or organization has legal operating rights. A business license of an enterprise legal person means that the company is a company with legal personality, and an enterprise business license means that it is an enterprise that does not have legal personality, such as an individual proprietorship, a partnership, etc. A business license means that the company is a company or other type. Corporate branches.

There is no clear requirement for business license requirements, but such "driving without a license" will eventually become a stumbling block to the development of China's national hardware enterprises. Everyone knows that this kind of development that only cares about the immediate interests is definitely thirsty, but if the local officials only consider the money-based and political achievements of the term, then the truth of drinking and quenching thirst cannot be established. In fact, in the hardware industry, there are also a large number of "illegal driving" companies. Although these enterprises also contribute tax revenue to the country, some enterprises, such as distribution centers or hardware areas, have trade protection.

In August 2010, a huge mudslide in the whole country made us know Zhouqu in Gansu. We only know “debris flow” in Zhouqu, but we don’t know that there are 68 hydropower stations approved by Zhouqu County in Gansu Province. Only one company passed the safety assessment and registered with the Seismological Bureau. This was regarded by geologists as "not to live." The local earthquake protection and environmental protection department objected to the invalidity. The China Merchants Bureau helped the unlicensed hydropower station to launch the hydropower project and allowed the hydropower development to bring about 20 million yuan in taxes to Zhouqu local finance. Zhouqu's “drive without a license” to launch a small hydropower project once again confirms the truth behind the natural disaster.

With the accession to the WTO, the promotion of external rules from the WTO has also had a profound impact on China’s economic and social development. Trade standards, management guidelines, and service standards with international standards are being introduced in every aspect of Chinese society in an imperceptible manner. Daily life. Rule of law, transparency, fairness, and service, these seemingly simple ideas of governance and civilization are being understood and accepted by more and more people. This also shows in a certain sense that the perfection of market rules and the degree of marketization are complementary. The socialist market economic system needs certain "rules" to guarantee and support; and the soundness and perfection of rules must also be based on the corresponding level of market economy.