Hammer crusher simulation process

The hammer crusher must be in the corresponding simulation design stage during the design process or before it is put into production. The hammer crusher crushes the ore process and simulates the image realistically. Through the simulation process, we can clearly see the overall condition and working principle of the hammer crusher crushing ore process: according to the connection and assembly between the simulated motor and the hammer crusher With the movement of the conveyor belt, we can observe the assembly relationship between the various devices at work.

The hammer crusher often uses three-dimensional modeling technology in the design and manufacture process to clearly observe whether the combination of various components of the equipment is reasonable and whether the task can be successfully completed. Modeling parts and components first when modeling. Component modeling includes rack components, eccentric shaft components, hammerheads, etc. Finally, the assembly modeling is performed to observe the overall design effect of the equipment.

In the three-dimensional assembly of the hammer crusher, the Red Star mechanical expert used a bottom-up assembly design idea. The so-called bottom-up is to use the already established parts design assembly. The design of the assembly is like an assembly shop. We only need to use the finished parts to assemble each part according to the different positions and assembly constraints of the parts, and finally form the whole equipment.

In order to observe the dynamic operation process of the equipment during the simulation. Before we do the general assembly, we must first distinguish which parts of the equipment are fixed parts and which are movable parts. The general fixed parts can be assembled into the frame parts of the equipment, and in order to clearly understand the specific working conditions of the equipment through the simulation process, we will also simplify the crusher as much as possible, and adjust some bolts during the simulation setting process. Set to immobile.

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