Green lifting brand achieves low carbon development in the industry

As a vertical transportation tool, in the era of promoting green development concept, only the innovative technology development, research and development and the target market to match the emerging technology, can stand firm in the ever-changing modern market. In short, whoever launches green products and seizes the market is the first to take the initiative in market competition.
Driven by the energy-saving and environmental protection policy, low-energy, low-noise, pollution-free elevators have gradually become the mainstream, guiding the development direction of China's elevator industry. At this time, the prevalence of the brand economy has pushed the development of China's lift industry to a new height. The “Top Ten Most Influential Brands in China's Lift Industry” campaign sponsored by China Lift Network has kicked off. With the support of Shandong Machinery Federation, once the event is launched, it has become the target of many corporate people.

At present, under the continuous participation of the majority of the industry, the activity is in a hot vote. In this brand competition, who can win the top ten brands in China's lift industry and occupy the initiative of the industry development, China Lift Network is looking forward to your choice. The voting time for this event will be until October 1st. In the national holiday celebration, who will break through and occupy the commanding heights of the development of China's lift industry, let us wait and see!

Flexible lift gate is a flexible soft curtain door, inside and outside the two curtains, curtains used between the aluminum beams connected with a vertically movable rail, the roof beams have levels not in the same straight line and hangar large plants in particular be applicable. Flexible lift door installation does not take up interior space in the hole inside. When the fiest move to open the door, and finally superimposed over the hole. Off event curtain rail first and then fall down until it is completely closed.

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