Go around the minefield and choose the door to hit the wooden door to buy five major misunderstandings.

In recent years, the aesthetic tastes and tastes of the apprentices have generally improved. The demand for home has long surpassed the superficial glitz, but pursues a natural and healthy lifestyle. Because of its soft wood color and environmental health, the wooden door is favored by the mainstream consumers. So, what is your understanding of the wooden door? Does solid wood furniture mean absolute environmental protection? Today, Sina Home Xiaobian will talk to you. The wooden doors that we have been neglecting misunderstand, I hope to help you bypass the "Ray" area and choose a real good door.

Misunderstanding one: solid wood door = solid wood composite door?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Most of the "solid wood doors" on the market are pine or imported filling materials for the core frame, and the outer MDF and solid wood veneer are solid wood composite doors. When the merchant introduces the product, the solid wood composite door crown will be called the solid wood door, misleading the consumer's understanding of the solid wood door concept.

The truth is that the solid wood door refers to the material used to make the wooden door is the natural wood or solid wood composite material (also called solid wood finger joint material or solid wood tooth material) taken from the forest. After drying, cutting, planing, opening, and drilling High-speed milling, assembly, grinding, painting and other processes are scientifically processed. When purchasing products, consumers must see the material description on the product manual. Is it a solid wood or solid wood composite door? To ask clearly, it is not necessary to blur conceptualization.

How to distinguish: 1, from the weight of the distinction, because the solid wood composite paint door core is half empty and half solid, and the solid wood door core is full, so the solid wood door is heavy; 2, from the price difference, material Different materials, then the price will naturally not be the same, usually the price of pure solid wood doors is more than 2,000 yuan, and the price of solid wood composite paint doors is 1,500 yuan, the price difference between the two is about 500 yuan. The above two methods are for reference only and are not absolutely valid.

Misunderstanding 2: The heavier the door = the better the door?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Many consumers make such mistakes when selecting wooden doors and other solid wood furniture, thinking that the heavier the wood, the harder and more stable, and the sales staff will indicate that the wood is hard and stable. will be better.

The truth reveals that the weight of a single punch can not judge the inner of the product. On the one hand, the weight of the particle board is sometimes larger than that of the solid wood board. Although the raw material used to make the particle board is broken wood, a lot of adhesive is applied during the production process, and the proportion of the adhesive in the board after curing is a considerable proportion. On the other hand, such stable wood as teak, pineapple, etc., their density is not high, so the quality and quality of solid wood is not necessarily related to hardness and weight.

Small series of tricks: want to choose a good solid wood material, not only depends on the weight and hardness, but also need to look at the surface work, wood quality, edge sealing effect. Misunderstanding three: solid wood door = cracking deformation?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Many sales staff of sheet furniture will tell consumers that solid wood furniture is prone to cracking and deformation, and that the sales of solid wood furniture to furniture is that deformation is inevitable and the company will provide repair services. Does solid wood furniture really crack and deform?

The truth is that the solid wood furniture made of natural wood does have thermal expansion and contraction or wet ups and downs, but not all solid wood furniture will crack and deform due to these rise and fall. If the solid wood furniture is in place during the production process, the wood is properly dried, and there are enough seams, the chance of solid wood furniture cracking due to environmental factors will be greatly reduced. If the wood is not properly dried, it will be prone to cracking and deformation without environmental influence.

Misunderstanding four: price = total price?

Wrong! Wrong! Many owners in the building materials market will mistakenly believe that the price of the wooden door is the total price. The fact is that a friend, in a wooden door store, saw a label on a teak door that read 4550 yuan / Pingmi, I take it for granted that the door is priced at 4,550 yuan, but it is not. The shopping guide told the owner that this set of doors requires more than 12,000 yuan.

The truth reveals: According to the introduction of Miss Li, the price of the whole wooden door includes three parts: the door price, the door frame price and the wood line price. The door leaf is the main body of the door, which is priced according to the square meter; the door frame has two sides, which are calculated by the circumference; the wood line is the part of the door frame that is wrapped around the door frame and is priced according to the meter. In addition, the price of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors does not include hardware locks. Of course, if the solid wood door with the door is covered, it has three parts price, the customer only needs to buy the door lock.

Misunderstanding 5: Solid wood furniture = absolutely environmentally friendly?

Wrong! I believe that when we choose solid wood furniture, we have heard more than once that the sales staff said that "solid wood furniture is the most environmentally friendly". Is this really the case?

The truth is revealed: in fact, the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is relative. Solid wood furniture uses pure natural materials and is environmentally friendly compared to materials that require a variety of chemicals and processing. However, in general, the wood used for solid wood furniture comes from felling trees, while the wood used for wood-based panels is relatively small, and the utilization rate is high and the production efficiency is high. Most of today's sheet furniture meets the national environmental protection regulations. Indicators, some materials harmful substances released even far below the national standards, so the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is relatively speaking, not absolute environmental protection.

After reading the above five wooden doors, do you have any help in purchasing wooden doors? In short, you should pay more attention to buying wooden doors, and you should not be convinced of the shopping guide. It is best to extract valid information in the shopping guide, and then After making a comprehensive consideration, make a decision, so it is much easier to choose a good door.

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Label: Go around the minefield and choose the door to hit the wooden door to buy five major misunderstandings.

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