Glass printing machine operation method

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The operation of the glass printing machine is simple and convenient, and the technical requirements for the operator are not high, which greatly improves the dilemma of the traditional printing machine to the technical requirements of the personnel.

The main steps in the summary of the glass printing machine are as follows:

1, the picture set operator can pass on the computer, with some graphic design software like photoshop, set the picture, and the parameters when printing.
2, put the print medium placed in the glass must be careful, because the more careful, the more the deviation can be reduced when printing, the deviation is small, the printing effect can be more accurate.
3. Issue the print command The operator directly outputs the print command on the computer. The glass printer can execute the print program after receiving the print command. At this time, the operator only needs to wait for the product to print.
4. Take out the glass printing machine and stop working after printing. At this time, the user only needs to take out the printed glass. The current glass printing machines are equipped with LED UV cold light, which can be directly dried during the printing process, mainly for curing.
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