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Glass partitions are widely used for many home improvement and decoration of business premises. Nowadays glass partitions are also commonly used in home renovations, because glass partitions can make spaces appear brighter and the division of functional areas can be more rational and detailed. Let's learn more about how to classify glass partitions and single-layer glass partitions .

What is a glass partition

Glass partitions, also known as glass partitions, stainless steel partitions. The main function is to use glass as a partition wall to divide the space according to the needs, and make more reasonable use of space to meet various home and office uses. Glass partition wall is usually made of tempered glass, which has the advantages of wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance and so on, so it is safer, firmer and more durable, and the damage to the human body after glass shattering is much smaller than ordinary glass. There are three types of material: single layer, double layer and art glass. Of course everything is done according to customer needs. The quality of the partitioning project should be good lighting, soundproof and fireproof, environmental protection, easy installation and reusable glass.

Classification of glass partitions:

1, according to the type of glass main material: single glass partition, double glass partition, laminated glass partition, vacuum glass partition

2. According to the material of the partition frame: aluminum alloy frame glass partition, stainless steel frame glass partition, steel frame glass partition, wooden keel frame glass partition, plastic steel frame glass partition, steel and aluminum structural frame glass partition, steel and wood material frame glass partition, Frameless glass partition

3, according to the frame material size: 26 glass partitions, 50 glass partitions, 80 glass partitions, 85 glass partitions, 100 glass partitions, custom special frame specifications, etc.

4, according to the track form: fixed glass partition, mobile glass partition, folding glass partition

5, according to the high and low dimensions: high glass partition, low glass partition, screen partition

6. According to the function and property of glass: safety glass partition, fireproof glass partition, ultra-white glass partition, explosion-proof glass partition, art glass partition, etc.

Single glass partition how to

Single glass partitions generally use 10mm tempered glass. This makes the partition beautiful and at the same time have a certain degree of strength, enhanced security, excellent lighting effect, generally applicable to the partition between the height of 2200mm-3200mm. The single-layer glass partition that creates a high compartment for today's dream has the following 10 main features:

1, the layout is simple, reasonable structure, elegant appearance.

2, easy to install, easy to disassemble and double reuse

3, good material, excellent quality, fine workmanship, with 30 years of professional glass partition design, production, installation experience.

4, strong and weak electricity engineering supporting installation, pay attention to the rational installation of integrated wiring systems, line maintenance can be done at any time, safe, convenient, beautiful, with a strong decorative.

5, the use of internationally renowned brand hardware accessories, give you high-grade, high-grade enjoyment.

6, safety and environmental protection: The use of green materials, no glue, no paint, no smell, fire, moisture, earthquake, deformation, give you a healthy and comfortable office space.

7, simple and quick: factory prefabricated, on-site rapid assembly. Can be added at will, relocation and rectification, 100% re-use, shorten your construction period, and quickly move into a new office.

8, flexible and diverse: single-layer glass built-in shutters, free dimming, dust-free design. A variety of materials and colors with personality, let you creativity, personality belongs to you.

9, full-featured: can be installed switch, socket, access control system, strong and weak electricity can be stored in the wall, removable and easy maintenance, your space your master, use handy.

10, fashion and elegant: original design, beautiful and practical, highlighting personality, limited space, to achieve your unlimited imagination, so that your office space is infinite.

Summary: The above is some information about how the glass partitions and single-layer glass partitions were collected by Xiao Bian. I hope to help everyone.

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