Gear reducer function and its working principle

Gear reducers are widely used in construction, printing and dyeing, transportation, glass, ceramics, medical, leather, textile, chemical, light industry and other fields.
The gear reducer has low noise, stable operation, small size, light weight, long service life and high bearing capacity. The emphysema gear must meet the hardness standard, and adopt various techniques to make it have high precision and good contact. The gear reducer has compact structure and belt. Compared with the transmission, the external dimensions are greatly reduced. When the pinion is integrated with the shaft, the diameter is only about 50mm. The gear ratio of the gear reducer is fixed, the transmission movement is more accurate and reliable, and the parallel shaft and the intersecting axis can be realized. And a variety of transmission between the space phase error axis. Gear reducer mostly uses flat key connection, which makes it simple in structure, convenient in disassembly and assembly and good in neutrality, so it has been widely used and praised.
Although the gear reducer is different from the planetary gear reducer, its structure is simple, easy to disassemble and fit in various fields, and the usage rate is high.

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