Floor tiles how to put tile floor tiles considerations

Floor tiles are the most common floor decoration building materials in our home space. At the same time, they also reflect our decoration tastes. What are the notes on floor tiles ? Today, we will use the following content to understand the relevant content of the notes on the floor tiles .

Sticky floor tiles Note 1 , before paving: Paving must be tested before the product, look at the product packaging, qualified tiles are generally used carton packaging (and other external products, processing products are usually not carton packaging, but directly with foam, The rope is fixed.) The manufacturer's name, product name, trademark, size, grade, weight, color number and quantity should be printed on the packing box. Special attention should be paid to whether the grade is the same as the one used at the time of purchase, so as to prevent the merchant from using a level of premium or the like as a qualified product, and whether the color number is the same. Generally, the same product and the same color number are laid in the same space to prevent chromatic aberration. Except special effects).

Sticking floor tiles Note 2 , tiles before use should be immersed in water for half a day, bricks do not bubble prevail.

Sticky floor tiles Note 3 , kitchens, toilets should have a water slope, no water, water does not flow back, the original waterproof layer in the construction of the destruction of the waterproof treatment must be done, no water seepage 12 hours test.

Sticking the floor tile notices 4 , the tiling is important that different tiles to a total of joints, that is, the horizontal and vertical direction of the gap should be straight. Judging from the angle of contact with four tiles, a slight unevenness is evident. In addition, all bricks must be in the same plane and they must not be arched. You can use a very long aluminum bar to get the new tile to the same level as the previous wall.

Advice on sticking the floor tiles 5 , put a good brick to knock a knock, listen to the voice to determine whether the cement inside is not enough real, if you hear gaps, then immediately rework.

Advice on sticking floor tiles 6. After the floor tiles are laid, bricks must be covered with cardboard, etc., and walk on the brick surface at least after 24 hours.

I will introduce this to the attention of the floor tiles , I hope to help you, more decoration information, do this site, so stay tuned.

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