Floor Industry "Confidence Crisis" Urgently Rescued

Floor Industry "Confidence Crisis" Urgently Rescued

With the intensification of the floor price war, sales panic disorder has become another new disease for modern consumers. Flooring products are mixed, and the prices vary. Even the same brand has different products in different stores. People who often visit the building materials market will know that the price of the flooring product is only the reference price. If the consumer purchases, the shopping guide will say an internal discount. This price chaos often makes consumers scratch their heads, and it also makes the industry “clearly price” a big problem.

Clearly determine the real value, "when the discount psychological war" break?

The price is the selling price, and the price is bought in the clear. For such a wide range of household products such as flooring, such a simple and direct way of buying, it can indeed eliminate the "discount psychological warfare" between consumers and businesses, making people worry and effort. In addition, the realization of the plain-net price can also avoid the intriguing nature of the buyers and sellers that has been entwined by the floor merchant's quotations, high discounts, discounts, and failure to sell.

Marking "real price" but never trading according to the actual price, the "price" basis can be seen at any time, and the discounts for different brands in the same brand are different. This has made the plain-price plan, which originally made household consumption simpler, stagnant. The realization of “price as price” can indeed solve many problems for consumers and businesses, but there are difficulties in the actual operation stage. For example, a mature floor brand product is fast-renewal, and there are more than tens of thousands of products. If the original price and discount price of each product are uniformly reported and managed, it is time-consuming and laborious and it is prone to errors and omissions. Another brand that implements clear-cut prices stated that if the internal price management system of the brand is sound and rigorous, it is not so difficult to report new products at any time. The key is to determine the brand's determination.

The price of the product, the final price, the “confidence crisis” urgently needs to be relied on to save the prices, price adjustments, and discounts of the merchants. All prices are regulated, pricing is based on, and the discount is regular. Consumers eventually see the “price=price” in the store. It is transparent and open to offer discounts at specific times. This is the most ideal state of "clear price". Nowadays, some brands have played tricks on the “price” and “sale price”. They have not implemented the “clear price” in the end, and the price of the products and the final price of the products are happening.

Jiuzheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. has learned that sometimes the price on the label is not a real price. According to consumers, the discount is too much and the buyer's arithmetic ability becomes the “most awkward thing to consume”. They said that the merchants' discounts are not the same, not only to pick styles, but also to take notes, settle accounts, and bargain prices, and their minds are in disorder. In addition, they found that on the working days, weekends and special holidays, the discounts for the same brand are quite different. They do not want to spend money, and they still have to work harder and more to compare. As for the "clear price", some brands have different prices and discounts in different stores, plus a variety of rebates, signings, and where the final price is worthwhile. They feel that buying home products such as flooring is simply painstaking.

Of course, there are also resolutely implemented brands that expressly price themselves. The confusion in the price system of flooring products has created a long-term “confidence crisis” for the entire industry. It has to be raised first and then discounted. This behavior is not only irritating to consumers, but also actually Brand hidden quality hidden dangers. As consumers mature, brands and quality will be more able to influence their choices. Surviving price wars is not a long-term solution.

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