Ezhou held a diamond tool industry investment promotion event in Dongguan, Shenzhen

On June 7th, Echeng District in Dongguan Liaobu Town was established by the Dongguan Branch of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province to host the Echeng Investment Promotion Project. More than 200 Hubei-based merchants and talents gathered together to discuss the cooperation. Seek common development.
In a strong and harmonious atmosphere, Li Debing, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, expressed his congratulations to the establishment of the Dongguan Branch of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, and sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to visit Ezhou to inspect tourism and invest in the industry. Vice Mayor Hu Yunxing introduced the relevant situation of the city at the meeting. The relevant responsible comrades in Echeng District introduced the investment promotion project to the majority of merchants. These projects include steel deep processing, Yangtze River terminal construction, diamond tool industry, industrial plant development in Chengdong Port Economic Zone, logistics park construction in Huahu Economic Development Zone, rotary kiln pellet production, Huama Lake eco-tourism resort, and shipbuilding and freshwater fish processing. Wait.
After listening to the introduction of the investment promotion project, some Ezhou nationals who have done business in Dongguan expressed their willingness to return to the hometown to invest in the industry. "I am from Ezhou. I came to Guangdong in 1992. I go home every year in the New Year. The current hometown changes very much. I used the platform of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan to meet some friends in Dongguan. When possible, I will introduce foreign businessmen. Going to Ezhou for investment.” Shi Shaohuai, general manager of Mingsi Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. said.
During his stay in Dongguan, Li Debing and his party secretary met with responsible comrades in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Yuan Shihao, President of Dongguan Private Association, Ouyang Xiangshan, President of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, and Ezhou merchants in Dongguan and well-known enterprises in Dongguan. person.

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