Explain the "Top Ten" stars in electronic components

In our electronics industry, our engineers often make some comments on our commonly used electronic components. Based on these, we have selected this time.

The most popular "top ten mainstream stars of electronic components", I hope to help everyone.

The first star: resistance. In the electronics industry, the resistance is almost an electronic component that nobody knows about it.

I want to be sexual, I don’t want to say more here, everyone will understand that in all electronic components, the resistance can be said to be the most used.

More components.

The second star: capacitor. Capacitor we will call it a parallel metal plate, which is pressed by a metal film on both sides and separated by an insulating material.

The electronic components that are formed by the opening are mainly used to block the DC-change communication.

The third star: crystal diodes. A crystal diode is a semiconductor component in a solid-state electronic component.

Linear current and voltage characteristics.

The fourth star: Zener diode. Zener diodes we usually call it Zener diodes, Zener diodes are a kind of

A semiconductor device in which both reverse breakdown voltages have high resistance.

The fifth star: inductance. The magnetic field effect is generated in the coil, and the magnetic field effect is used to resist the current in the coil. This is the

We call it an inductor and its unit is "Heng".

Sixth star: varactor diode. Varactor diodes are also known as "variable reactance diodes".

The seventh star: the crystal triode. The transistor is also one of the basic components of our semiconductor. It is a device that can amplify current.

Components used, one of the core components of electronic circuits.

The eighth star: FET. The full name of the FET is a field effect transistor, and the effect is that most carriers participate in conduction, so

We will call it a unipolar transistor.

The ninth star: the sensor. A device that can detect and sense the outside world is a physical device or a biological organ.

Tenth star: Transformer. The transformer is mainly composed of a primary coil, a secondary coil and an iron core, and is a phase that utilizes electromagnetic induction.

A device that changes the AC voltage by changing the principle.


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