Expert guidance: how to buy small hardware

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1. Hinge, guide rail, hinge hinge

The main varieties of hardware are door hinges, drawer rails, and door hinges.

FAD Hardware

Door hinges are available in both copper and stainless steel. Single sheet hinge area standard is 10cm×3cm and 10cm×4cm, center axis diameter is between 1.1cm and 1.3cm, and hinge wall thickness is 2.5mm to 3mm. When the hinge is selected, it is easy to open without noise. It is better to have a ball bearing in the center of the page.

Top Hardware

Drawer rails are divided into two sections: two section rails and three section rails. The brightness of the exterior paint and plating is selected. The clearance and strength of the load-bearing wheels determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing. The wear-resistant and evenly rotating load-bearing wheels should be selected. .

Hettich Hardware

Door hinges are divided into two kinds: detachable type and non-detachable type. They are divided into large bend, medium bend and straight bend after the door is closed. The bend is mainly based on mid-bend. In addition to the visual inspection and smoothness of the surface of the hinge, the hinge should be carefully removed. The hinge can be opened 95 degrees, and the hinges can be pressed on both sides by hand to observe that the support springs are not deformed or broken. For qualified products.

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