Experience talk - find a lifetime warranty hidden project

Owner: Mr. Lou

Property: Rancho Santa Fe

"Hydropower is not doing well, and it is very troublesome in the future. The quality of decoration can not be seen at the outset, especially the quality of hidden projects. It will be difficult to rectify the changes after inspection. It will take a while to know if it is good or bad. Therefore, my house decoration pays special attention to the hidden works, visited many construction sites, and finally selected a decoration company that is upstairs to decorate. I was very satisfied with the scene they saw. More importantly, their concealed works can be guaranteed for life. More, to remind everyone to conceal the project must ask the question of the warranty."

In order to save effort, we must pick a good decoration captain. Whether he is responsible for determining the quality of your home's decoration. My home decoration captain, the biggest feature, doing things seriously. When I was hiding the project, I used to watch it. The decoration leader of my house had high requirements on the site, and the materials were neat and tidy. The signboards on the walls also clearly written the person in charge and the duration of each stage. Before making water and electricity, first use the infrared horizontal line to play the horizontal position, to ensure that when doing the switch socket at the same level. Small details can tell if they are really serious.

On the wall, we are ready to hang LCD TVs. The electrician's master slotted the root pvc pipe, and the plug directly passed through to the bottom of the socket, so that the wires would not be exposed. The concealed engineering hydropower has taken into consideration the beauty.

Such a long pipeline can be kept straight. In fact, a bit of a bend will not affect the use, but Master Yan has always emphasized the slot to be straight. In addition to the instrument's help, the decoration captain's seriousness is also indispensable.

Because of the need to warm the floor, the wires must be grooved. I specifically checked that none of the bends in the wire tubes were flat. The pipeline is horizontal and vertical, and the socket is at the same level. It is really professional after the pipe is worn first. The decoration experience is really rich. When determining the number of wires according to the drawings, he used his own experience and power to determine if he reached the standard.

The air-conditioning installation master is my own search, the pipeline is really confused, row together and my home decoration company's work to form a sharp contrast, really better than not know!

Owners experience:

After the renovation of my house was completed, our family was very satisfied. Not only was the concealment project very reassuring, but overall it was also very beautiful. After the covert project was over, I rarely read it and found a good decoration captain. His seriousness and professionalism made me very reassuring. Dare to ensure that the lifetime warranty is generally real effort, even if there are problems later, you can find them to help me solve. During the construction period, several neighbors have visited and they all feel very good. The hidden project is really important!

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