Excellent performance of insulating glass

Since there is a desiccant inside the hollow glass that can adsorb water molecules. Therefore, the gas inside the hollow glass is dry, and when the temperature is lowered, the inside of the hollow glass does not cause condensation, and the dew point on the outer surface of the hollow glass also rises. For example, when the outdoor wind speed is 5m/s, the indoor temperature is 20°C, and the relative humidity is 60%, the 5mm glass starts to dew at the outdoor temperature of 8°C, while the 16mm (5+6+5) insulating glass under the same conditions, the outdoor temperature is Condensation was only observed at -2 °C, and 27 mm (5+6+5+6+5) three-layer insulating glass began to dew at an outdoor temperature of -11 °C.
Because the insulating performance of the insulating glass is better, the temperature difference between the two sides of the glass is larger, and the effect of cold radiation can also be reduced; when the outdoor temperature
is -10 ° C, the temperature in front of the indoor single-layer glass window is -2 ° C and the insulating glass the temperature of the window is 13 ℃; in the same housing structure, when the outdoor temperature is -8 deg.] C, the indoor temperature is 20 ℃, 3mm glass single common cold radiation area of 67.4% of the space as a double layer of hollow glass (3+6+3) is 13.4%.
As an important component of insulating glass, aluminum strips also play a significant role in the performance of insulating glass. Spacer frame for an aluminum coated butyl rubber,
and the like platen engagement piece together after the procedure laid process very good foundation. Water vapor barrier between the aluminum and the glass side surface of the most effective barrier. After even coating, check the butyl strip for breaks, especially at the corners. If there is any break, repair it in time to ensure its tightness. 'Excellent performance of insulating glass

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