Different types of wheat herbicides

Symptoms of different types of wheat herbicides:
(1) When 2,4-D herbicides (2,4-D butyl ester, 2 methyl 4-chlorosodium, etc.) are used in excess use and low temperature, the leaves of wheat seedlings will be chlorotic and yellow, and the new leaves will be The onion is tubular, the ears are curled, it is difficult to extract, and the deformed ear appears.
(2) When the amount of oatmeal used before the sowing of wheat is too large, it will be absorbed by the wheat bud sheath, causing the bud sheath to expand, the sheath headspace, growth stop, and the leaves are dark green and dead after the emergence of the wheat.
(3) Green merlon, chlorpyrifos, simazine and the like are all herbicides absorbed by the roots. When the dosage is too large or the spraying is uneven, the wheat exhibits a typical "green deficiency" due to inhibition of photosynthesis of wheat, that is, after the roots are absorbed by the wheat, the leaves of the wheat seedlings are green and yellow, which are like spots and fires. The plants are short, grow slowly until they stop, and finally the affected plants are "starved to death" due to lack of nutrients. Biological pesticides (4) Herbicide is applied before and after jointing of the 3rd leaf stage of wheat. If the period of use is not appropriate, it can lead to the inner edge of the blade, the plant is compact and straight, the leaf is dark green after the greening, the stem is straight and hard, the main stem and the lobes become thin, the ear deformity is twisted and sloping, and the leaf is formed. Onion tube. Excessive use of herbicides during the vigorous growth of wheat occurs when the seedlings are stalked and the plants are tilted or bent. If the wheat ear development develops into the stage of differentiation between the stamen and the stamen, the wheat is not strong and the yield is severely reduced due to severe disturbance and destruction of the development of the florets.

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