Diesel engine fire pump maintenance and features that

Diesel engine fire pump maintenance 1, diesel fire pump proper maintenance, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, it is to extend the service life and reduce the cost of the key. Routine Maintenance Check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank as follows - observe the amount of oil in the fuel tank and add as needed. 2, check the oil pan oil plane: Observe whether the oil level on the oil ruler engraved mark, less than the required amount should be added, but can not exceed the upper limit of the scale ruler. 3, check the fuel pump governor oil plane: If you do not meet the provisions of the engraved mark, should add sufficient oil (some pump governor no ruler, you can save this step). 4, check the pump oiling point for adequate lubrication grease: the diesel cycle pump on the nozzle removed, observe the inside of the grease is sufficient, such as inadequate, the application of grease gun into the inside of adequate lubrication. 5, check the water tank is sufficient: Found in the water tank should be replenished in time, add water should be clean fresh water, such as tap water or clean water. If the direct use of groundwater, easy to form scale in the tank, affecting the cooling effect caused by failure, therefore, groundwater softened before use. In the north (ambient temperature below zero), you must configure the appropriate freezing point of the antifreeze according to the local minimum temperature, 6, check the fuel pump drive plate: Check the connection screws are loose, if loose, should be re-calibration injection advance, And tighten the connection screw. (Diesel fire pump maintenance and features that)

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