Demand and supply are difficult to match, the security room furniture calls for a solid brand

A large number of affordable housing listings this year have brought new growth points to many suffering home furnishing enterprises. For example, a sofa with a couch in Aiyisi has a normal price of nearly 10,000 yuan, a special housing price of about 6000 yuan, and a soft bed special price of 8680 yuan. At the same time, brands such as Feitong, Ronglin · Betelnut, etc., obviously did not regard the security room furniture as a target market to be developed in the future.

A large number of affordable housing listings this year have brought new growth points to many suffering home furnishing enterprises. As a result, some stores and enterprises have also introduced furniture specifically for owners of affordable housing. The main concept of a small, cheap and uncompromised quality housing for exclusive housing has really attracted the attention of many consumers. So, can the furniture products of affordable housing really meet the needs of consumers in terms of specifications and prices? How effective is the implementation of each brand? The following is the investigation of Jinghua Home Furnishings.

Go to market

Very few designs

Most affordable housing units are small, so many owners want small and flexible furniture specifications. In addition, in order to improve the utilization of corner space, some special-shaped furniture specially designed for the special position of the security room also has great market demand. When the reporter visited the market, he found that few brands have designed for the above-mentioned needs of affordable housing customers, and most companies only took a small amount of original products with smaller sizes to give larger discounts.

The reporter recently visited a home store in the east as a consumer. In the top 100 furniture store, the sales staff told reporters that the company's furniture designed for the security room has not yet been listed, and now the products launched in the store are selected from the original products. The shopping guides of non-same sofas said that they launched several specially designed functional sofas; the shopping guides of Yifeng, Qiangli, Ai Ruisi, Ronglin · Betelnut and other brand stores said that the company did not specifically design for security houses. I just chose a regular product with the right size.

The reporter found that the product launched by a certain brand even had the problem of oversize. The shopping guide introduced to reporters a set of wood-panel combination furniture, in which the bed size is 1.8 meters × 2 meters, but the bed head has an enlarged design, reaching 2.1 meters. This obviously does not meet the needs of small houses.

The reporter then interviewed Song Xiaoting, assistant to the president of Beijing Century Top 100 Furniture Co., Ltd. on the design of social housing furniture. She said that the top 100 had designed a series of social housing furniture separately, and had already participated in this year's China International Light Industry Consumer Goods Exhibition. The exhibition was well received. At present, they are actively adjusting the product, adding more functional designs, and will launch it to meet consumers after the product is perfected.
Wen Shiquan, chairman of Yifeng Furniture, expressed another view: "We have not made a separate design. Because there are already some smaller sizes in the existing products that can be selected by the owner of the security house, there is no need to design again. "Iris, Ronglin · Betel Nut and other brands also said that they did not design specifically.

There are too many restricted products

Although the furniture launched by various businesses is selected from the existing products, these "treatments" for furniture enjoyment are different from conventional products. The color, board type and size of general panel furniture can be changed according to customer requirements, but if you want to buy a special product for the security room, you can't do it.

For example, the Italian furniture regulations stipulate that the furniture is designed for the specified color and size, and cannot be replaced. Powerful furniture cannot be changed in size but the color can be changed. In addition, when the reporter made a request to change the size, the sales of Ronglin · Betel Nut said that all of their furniture could not be changed in size. "How can there be any changes in the production line for the furniture of the security room ?!"

In contrast, the two sofa brands, Feitong and Aiyisisi, are more flexible in this respect. Aieris sales said that their sofas can be resized according to customer requirements. She recommended a 2.7-meter sofa with a couch to the reporter. The reporter said there was no place to put the couch. The shopping guide said that it can be directly made into an ordinary sofa, "cut off the part of the couch and make you a small pier next to it." However, the reporter saw in the catalogue of the furniture of the security room that these sofas of Ai Ruisi specifically stated that the sofa fabrics can only be selected as type A.

The price is difficult to be close to the people

Price is one of the most concerns of owners of affordable housing. After visiting the store, the reporter found that the special housing products launched by various brands are much cheaper than their regular-priced products, but they are not entirely close to the people.

For example, a sofa with a couch in Aiyisi has a normal price of nearly 10,000 yuan, a special housing price of about 6000 yuan, and a soft bed special price of 8680 yuan. Ai Ruisi's shopping guide said: "The price of our products is already the lowest, because we are of a high grade." The price of a different ordinary sofa bed is about 7000 yuan.

The reporter randomly interviewed Ms. Li who was consulting the furniture of the security room. For a product with a price tag of seven or eight thousand yuan, she said that she could not accept it: "Some brands are not the" dishes "of our security room users. Like a 7000-dollar sofa bed, I will not buy it even if the quality is high. A set of bedroom furniture. "

The special supply of furniture that catches the eye with the word "safety house" has not drastically dived in price. In this regard, Wen Shiquan said: "The price is at this level, because the profit of panel furniture is already very low. If you lower the price, you have to change the material." Sui Youbin, general manager of Ai Ruisi, said, "We will not reduce the price again." , Because it is necessary to guarantee the original quality of Ai Ruisi, can only achieve this price. Qin Yinjun, General Manager of Non-Tongtong Expressed the same view. Qi Lin, general manager of Ronglin Shijia, said: "We can't say how low this price is, but this is the most reasonable price we can do."
Song Xiaoting introduced that when all the top 100 affordable housing products are on the market, there will be a more complete price system to distinguish them from ordinary commodities, but the exact number is still uncertain.

Talk about the future

Some people care about others

After visiting the market, the reporter found that there are obvious differences in the views and expectations of the brands on the security housing furniture market.

Song Xiaoting said that the affordable housing market is a key point for their future development. Top 100 is currently actively improving the design of the security room furniture to make it more functional and better meet the needs of the security room space. "We want to be more perfect." In addition, Dazhong Temple independent stores in the top 100 are undergoing adjustments. In the future, a special model room for the security room will be specially built to show the functions and collocation of the security room furniture in real scenes. Therefore, the future actions of the Top 100 in the security room furniture are worthy of consumers' expectations.

Compared with the positivity of the top 100, Sui Youbin seemed very indifferent. He said that Ai Ruisi was originally positioned as a mid-to-high end, so they "do not have to do too much" in terms of affordable housing, and it is enough to launch a few existing products. As to whether there will be follow-up actions on the security housing furniture market, he said, "Let's go and see later."

At the same time, brands such as Feitong, Ronglin · Betelnut, etc., obviously did not regard the security room furniture as a target market to be developed in the future. Qiao Yinjun recalled that joining the security room furniture plan at the time was to consider that the market situation was not good, "it is not a matter of waiting," so he decided to open up new markets. But after a few months, I found that the guarantee of the furniture of the house did not match the positioning of my own brand. If we want to ensure the quality, the price will not come down. Therefore, it should not continue to invest in this area in the future.

Qi Lin said that if there has been such an event, he will continue to actively participate, but the premise is that "the company and the brand will work together." "Enterprises are fighting alone, and they have to engage in special prices and promotion. We certainly can't afford this." Although expressing a positive response to the call, Qi Lin repeatedly emphasized that the affordable housing market is not their "vegetable". "In the beginning, I thought it was a positive thing, so that more owners can enjoy better products and why not do it." So they took out a set of furniture and made a big discount in order to make income Low owners can also "reach". But "the affordable housing market is definitely not the way we have to go!" As for whether it will continue to launch special products in the future, Qi Lin simply said "hang".

Consumer tips

Small apartment hard to enjoy

Many small-sized guarantee room furniture is also suitable for ordinary small-sized apartment. However, to enjoy the exclusive supply price, it is not necessary to protect the housing. In order to enjoy the exclusive benefits, you must register at the store with the purchase contract of the guaranteed house and ID card at the time of purchase. So you are just an ordinary owner of a small apartment, although you have to buy the same goods at the normal price.

Benefit depends on comparison

If you think that the price of furniture exclusively for affordable housing is the lowest, then you are careless. The shopping guide of the powerful furniture helped the reporter to settle the book. For example, there is now a 3172 yuan wardrobe in the furniture, the normal price is 4,000 yuan. If ordinary owners come to buy at ordinary times, the price is definitely higher than the exclusive supply price. However, there have been large-scale promotional activities in the store recently. The normal discount may be lower than the special price, and the size can be changed at will.
Therefore, I would like to remind you that if you encounter a large-scale promotional event, let the salesperson calculate the normal discount for the same product, and buy it the cheaper way.

Choose the right style

Many brands in the store will provide special housing for furniture to show in a separate area, which is indeed more eye-catching. But don't forget to go shopping for ordinary products, because there may be more suitable styles for you.

For example, the reporter said in a non-same store that he would choose a sofa bed for study, and the shopping guide directly introduces a few sofa beds dedicated to products. It feels that the price is relatively expensive, and the single person needs more than 3,000 yuan. Yuan; and many designs are developed forward, which is a waste of space. Later, the reporter came to the special supply area and saw that this was indeed the case. Subsequently, the shopping guide introduced another three-person sofa to the reporter. Although it is not a sofa bed, there is no problem with a single rest. And at the end of the month, the price is about 5,000 yuan.

Reporter's notes

If you want to protect the world, please put down your body first

At the beginning of the year, the six major brands of Beijing Top 100, Ronglin · Betel Nut, Qiangli, Airius, Feitong, and Yifeng took the lead in jointly launching affordable furniture. Big brands have high quality and good service. If the price is close to the people, it is the gospel of the owner of the security house. Many owners are inevitably secretly "jealous" of the owners of the affordable housing. But when the reporter walked into the store, he discovered that ordinary homeowners can completely "dilute", but the owners of social housing inevitably "disappointed."

First, let's talk about the attitudes of each family to this market. There is absolutely no imaginary scramble and competition, and enterprises that really do practical things for the affordable housing are few and far between. More interviewed brands said "this is the case", "this is not my cake", "semi-public welfare" and other non-salty and non-sense arguments. Since brands are not optimistic about this market, why participate? Could it be that there is one more brand and more eye-catching? Most of the specialty furniture for brands can only enjoy concession contracts to enjoy preferential treatment, but only those who come from the "semi-public welfare" of Ronglin · Betelnut will not refuse it, but why should this "public welfare" continue?

In addition, there is no original design, the color can not be changed, these affordable housing owners can tolerate, but the price is difficult to sink away from the meaning of the exclusive supply of affordable housing. A soft bed of 8880 yuan also said "this is the lowest price we can do", which makes the owner of the affordable housing only sigh.

It is obvious to all that the security furniture market has great potential, but there are few products available for matching. As Qi Lin said, the cost of fighting alone is higher, and it is a pity to give up directly. It may be slower to rely on special housing supplies, but if companies are optimistic about the market's staying power, then let go of it first.

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