Decoration Tips to help you reduce indoor noise and noise problems

Some consumers did not find loud noise when they bought a house. However, they found out after moving into a new home that they had large noise during the day and night and sometimes it was difficult to fall asleep. It is understood that such home buyers are not few, and what kind of measures to take to remedy becomes their most concern.

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To solve the problem of sound insulation, we must distinguish what kind of noise is caused and take a different approach. Irregular sound we can call it noise, urban noise sources are mainly staged construction noise, continuous automotive traffic noise, life noise. Professionals suggest that regardless of the installation of a single-layer window or a double-layer window, the best way to deal with noise is to make the windows tightly sealed.

Window According to the currently used building decoration materials, the use of plastic windows is the most effective means of sealing. For users who have already adopted aluminum alloys, they should be checked regularly to ensure the integrity of the aluminum alloy frame seals. In contrast, aluminum alloy windows have poorer sealing than plastic windows.

The use of insulating glass in plastic windows is a very effective method because the most annoying noise is often high-pitched. The high-pitched sound is transmitted in a straight line. Glass can reflect most of it. Insulating glass can make it non-reflective. Partially consumed. However, consumers should be vigilant against misinterpreting untreated double glazing as insulating glass.

There are some houses in the partition wall that use lightweight hollow bricks as the exterior wall. These materials have poor sealing performance. If car noise has a great impact on themselves, you can add a layer of plasterboard on the walls of the roads. Gypsum boards were filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and then plastered wallpaper or painted wall paint.

Carpets can rub these mid-bass and basses with vibration, and carpet fabrics can be used to reduce their impact on the interior.

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