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The first thing to buy a house is to refurbish it, but the working-class people may not have as much decoration costs for economic reasons, so they can only be decorated normally . What are the general decoration considerations ? Here's just to learn with Xiao Bian!

Decoration notice

1. Materials purchased during decoration should be stacked and stored. Wires, cements, paints, and other materials cannot be placed under the sun. Attention should be paid to ventilation and drying. If the paint gets dry after the sun is over, it cannot be used. Therefore, care should be taken to place a cool place.

2. In summer, the humidity of the air is high. The materials that are easy to absorb moisture in wood, board, and gypsum board should be far from the water source in the window, and should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

3, pay attention to do a good job in the treatment of the grass-roots, paint before the first splash of water, so that it fully absorb water, then use cement paste and gypsum powder base to ensure that the paint is firmly bonded.

4, paint because it will absorb the moisture in the air will produce a layer of matte, so slow dry, the general practice is to use drying agent to make the paint dry faster.

5, in the wood floor before the first floor to allow room for expansion and contraction, a good grasp of measure, the floor gap is too large or too small will affect the effect of pavement.

6, care and maintenance should pay attention to, has been done in the cement floor within 35 days should be put some water every day to prevent cracking.

7, seasonal problems do not rush to repair, due to seasonal changes, temperature, humidity, there are some problems. Such as the wood floor shrinks, the gap between the board and the board increases; wall and door frames due to different types of materials, different shrinkage, there are gaps; wall cracking. These phenomena that appear in seasonal transitions are normal. If it is repaired at this time, the moisture will continue to evaporate and the walls may crack. It is better to wait until the moisture on the wall is suitable for the external climate and then make another repair.

8. The commonly used wall materials are paints and wallpapers. In the spring, the air is damp. In order to allow the walls to dry as soon as possible, the doors and windows should be opened to allow them to ventilate and breathe. Wallpapers and paints should be dried naturally. In summer, because the weather is dry, the wallpaper should be soaked in water before brushing the wallpaper before brushing. As the weather is dry, if you want to open the windows and doors at this time, let the freshly-paved wallpaper be blown and the wallpaper will quickly lose water and cause shrinkage and deformation.

9 For wood products, whether it is a varnish or a mixture of oils, remember that it cannot be done on rainy days. Brush painting is not recommended to do in the rain.

10, construction safety should pay attention to, when entering the work should do a good job of safety protection, when installing the circuit to power off construction, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Conclusion: On the decoration notes Xiaobian introduced here, I hope the above decoration notes are helpful for the small partners who are being renovated.

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